In the realm of artistic entrepreneurship, where innovation and creativity converge, one extraordinary individual stands apart for her visionary spirit and exceptional talent. Let us introduce Varsha Perera, the creative force behind Varna by Varsha, a burgeoning artistic startup that has been making waves in the industry. With a diverse background encompassing bioscience, marketing management, and brand leadership, Varsha’s journey to establishing herself as a renowned artist and entrepreneur showcases her unwavering dedication and unwavering passion. Preferring to be recognized as a visual storyteller rather than confining herself to the label of an artist, Varsha weaves intricate narratives within her artwork, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of interpretation and engagement with the stories concealed within the vibrant pigments and graceful brushstrokes. In this captivating interview, Varsha unveils her boundless artistic inspirations, talks about the the birth of Varna by Varsha, and sheds light on the challenges she has faced while building a thriving career in an art industry that often overlooks emerging talents. Prepare to be inspired as we delve into the captivating world of Varsha and her artistic venture

Varsha’s artistic journey took an unexpected turn, propelled by personal circumstances that led her to embrace painting with a newfound dedication. Initially, art was not Varsha’s primary vocation, but her inherent talent and early recognition for art prizes during her school years laid a solid foundation for her creative pursuits. While building an impressive career as a marketing professional, she explored diverse industries, sharpening her skills in media marketing and brand management. Her passion for painting continued to grow, and it was a significant family emergency that acted as a catalyst, urging her to channel her emotions and experiences onto the canvas. Seeking solace and therapeutic release, she found comfort and expression through the captivating medium of canvas.

Varsha’s multifaceted background is a testament to her exceptional abilities in both the artistic and corporate realms. With a degree in Bio Science from UOC, Management Accountancy from CIMA, and Marketing Management from Harvard University, she has acquired a diverse range of knowledge and skills. Her extensive experience working in local and regional marketing roles abroad, notably in Myanmar and Hong Kong, culminated in her last held position as Associate Director Asia for Global Brands at Pernod Ricard. This impressive professional trajectory showcases Varsha’s remarkable ability to excel in various domains, both artistic and corporate.

Inspiration for Varsha’s art springs forth from her immediate surroundings and perceptive observations of the captivating patterns and designs present in the world. Drawing inspiration from contemporary luminaries in the art world, such as Ashwin Harrison, Lizzy Snow and the evocative storytelling of Ishta Banerjee from Soul Curry Art, Varsha aspires to forge collaborations with diverse industries, envisaging her captivating designs adorning various platforms, ranging from the realm of fashion to packaging and beyond. In her visionary pursuit, Varsha envisions a fusion of art and other creative domains, where her distinctive aesthetics can transcend the confines of traditional canvas and inspire awe-inspiring creations that permeate multiple facets of life.

For Varsha, art is an intimate journey, deeply rooted in personal experiences and emotions. She fervently believes that her paintings must embody the essence of her own encounters and sentiments. Uninterested in capturing mundane subjects such as buildings or skylines, Varsha infuses her work with a soul, infusing it with feelings and imbuing it with purpose. Varsha’s art is not a mere representation; it is a symbolic and expressive manifestation of the human experience, conveyed through vivid colours and thought-provoking imagery.

At the heart of Varsha’s artistic journey lies her profound connection to mandalas, which takes centre stage in her brand, Varna. Varna stands as a vibrant embodiment of Sri Lankan culture and artistic expression, serving as a testament to Varsha’s unwavering commitment to showcasing the captivating hues that saturate her work. The logo, meticulously crafted, harmoniously merges meaningful colours and the timeless symbolism of the mandala, capturing the very essence of her creative spirit. In its fusion of tradition and contemporary influences, Varna embraces the captivating interplay of modernity and heritage.

In Varsha’s vibrant paintings, one can discern a deliberate and masterful play of contrasting hues, carefully orchestrated to elicit feelings of joy and contentment. Rather than aiming to capture generalized subjects, Varsha’s artistic focus lies in personifying emotions and transmuting them into visually striking masterpieces. Her keen interest in understanding the mind and how it governs our behaviour has led her to become a master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Drawing upon her background in neuro-linguistic programming, Varsha fearlessly plunges into the depths of her own experiences and emotions, extracting raw authenticity and profound introspection to create art that profoundly resonates with viewers. Each painting assumes the role of a powerful conduit, enabling observers to forge a personal connection with their own stories as they navigate the intricate layers and discover their own unique emotions within the mesmerizing compositions. Through her skillful manipulation of colours and forms, Varsha invites viewers on a transformative journey, where they can explore the nuances of their own emotions and find solace, inspiration, and self-reflection.

The future looks exceptionally promising as the curtain prepares to rise on Varsha’s eagerly awaited website,, poised to serve as a mesmerizing digital realm that encapsulates her artistic vision in all its resplendent glory. Within this virtual sanctuary, Varsha’s exquisite paintings not only take centre stage but also open up a realm of endless possibilities for enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. Transcending the boundaries of the physical world, her website serves as a tantalizing gateway for art lovers to explore and acquire Varsha’s captivating digital artworks. Embracing the cutting-edge technology of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Varsha has ventured into the thrilling realm of the NFT market, amplifying the reach and accessibility of her art. Her esteemed presence on the renowned OpenSea NFT platform further solidifies her position as an innovator in the art world, providing a seamless and secure platform for collectors to engage with her digital creations.

With NFTs, Varsha’s art takes on a new dimension, where each piece is imbued with its own unique digital identity and ownership. Collectors have the opportunity to possess a piece of Varsha’s digital legacy, forever preserved and authenticated on the blockchain. The digital realm not only amplifies the visibility of her art but also enables a global community of art enthusiasts to connect and engage with her work, transcending geographical boundaries and fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas and appreciation.

Embracing the ethos of transparency and connection, Varsha’s digital haven beckons admirers with the promise of an intimate glimpse into her artistic process. As the virtual doors swing open, guests will be treated to an immersive behind-the-scenes journey, unveiling the alchemy that transpires from a blank canvas to a captivating masterpiece. Unveiling the secrets behind her brushstrokes and the inspiration that fuels her creative genius, this intimate revelation will satiate the insatiable curiosity of devoted fans yearning to witness the birth of Varsha’s compelling paintings.

Beyond the confines of the canvas, the website emerges as a comprehensive nexus, effortlessly weaving together Varsha’s expansive social media presence into a cohesive tapestry of online engagement. Seamlessly connecting her Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and OpenSea accounts, it cultivates an interconnected digital universe where enthusiasts can revel in Varsha’s artistic universe from every conceivable angle. No longer limited to the realm of static appreciation, viewers become an active part of the narrative, participating in the ongoing dialogue that reverberates across these dynamic platforms.

Varsha, with her forward-thinking approach, also envisions the seamless integration of augmented reality into her website sometime in the near future, transcending the traditional art-viewing experience. This upcoming addition promises to be an enticing enhancement to the art-viewing experience allowing users to immerse themselves in Varsha’s creations, experiencing her art within the intimate spaces of their own lives. Through this innovative fusion of art and technology, viewers will have the opportunity to engage their senses and witness the blurring of lines between the tangible and the ethereal.

However, navigating the treacherous terrain of the art world, Varsha Perera confronts the formidable challenges that plague aspiring artists in a land where their contributions often languish in obscurity. As she returned to her native Sri Lanka, a disheartening reality awaited her—the art industry, replete with its own obstacles, struggled to bestow the recognition and reverence that artists so rightly deserve. A lamentable disparity emerged, where creative minds the likes of Varsha, found themselves relegated to the shadows, bereft of substantial platforms to showcase their extraordinary talent.

Undeterred by the daunting circumstances that awaited her, Varsha embraced the mantle of change and set out to revolutionize the perception of the art industry in her homeland. Casting her gaze beyond the confines of Sri Lanka, she sought out international exhibitions, aiming to captivate the imaginations of audiences worldwide and forge connections with eminent agents and galleries. The grand tapestry of her vision unfurled before her, as she yearned to transcend the boundaries of her homeland and present her artwork on the global stage.

In pursuit of her audacious aspirations, Varsha seized an extraordinary opportunity: Select Art 2023 in Greece. This monumental event beckoned her to engage with a vibrant tapestry of artists, curators, and connoisseurs hailing from diverse corners of the globe. It was here, amidst the enchanting aura of this international congregation, that Varsha endeavored to construct a network of alliances, forging powerful bonds that would serve as conduits for future collaborations and breakthroughs. With each interaction, she strived to pave the way for Sri Lankan artists, defying the limitations imposed upon them, and facilitating their ascension into the realms of international acclaim.

Amidst the clamour of the art industry, where voices often meld into a homogenous chorus, Varsha emerges as a resolute advocate for artistic integrity. Unyielding in her devotion to her craft, she spurns the commonplace practice of duplicating existing works, instead embracing the pursuit of genuine artistic expression. With unwavering determination, she channels her creativity into manifestations that transcend the mundane, imbuing her art with profound meaning and evocative symbolism. Her steadfast refusal to succumb to the pressures of conformity elevates her artistic journey, allowing her to tread upon an untrodden path where the true essence of artistry thrives.

As she confronts the challenges that beset the art industry in Sri Lanka, Varsha Perera remains resolute in her mission to redefine the trajectory of artistic expression. Her unwavering commitment, audacious vision, and unyielding passion serve as a clarion call to her fellow artists, beckoning them to break free from the shackles of convention and blaze their own trails of artistic brilliance. With each stroke of her brush and every fibre of her being, Varsha embarks upon a quest to transcend the boundaries that confine the artist’s spirit, enabling her beloved Sri Lanka to emerge as a beacon of artistic prowess.

As Varsha’s artistic odyssey continues to unfold, a tapestry of exhilarating projects and exhibitions loom on the horizon, beckoning both devoted admirers and intrigued onlookers. Anticipation fills the air, as her thought-provoking creations prepare to cast their spell upon captivated audiences. However, her vision extends far beyond these immediate endeavours. With an unwavering gaze fixed upon the future, Varsha dreams of a Sri Lanka where the arts reign supreme, celebrated and embraced by all. She envisions a transformative shift, one that inspires parents to nurture and foster the creative passions of their children, igniting a revolution that transcends borders and empowers a new generation of artistic pioneers.

Through the resounding success of Varna by Varsha, she aims to dismantle the misconceptions that have shackled the art industry for far too long. No longer will art be dismissed as a realm devoid of viable future prospects or tangible career opportunities. With unwavering resolve and an unyielding spirit, Varsha stands as a living testament to the fulfilment and triumph that artistic talent can bestow upon those bold enough to heed its call. She aspires to be a luminous guiding force, an irrefutable proof that the pursuit of artistic passion can lead to not only personal fulfilment but also resounding success.

As Varsha’s ambitions soar higher, she envisions the brand’s expansion into new frontiers of artistic exploration. Exhibitions under the name Varnakari promise to captivate audiences, inviting them to delve deeper into the kaleidoscopic wonders of her creations. Yet, her aspirations extend even further, reaching into the realms of fashion, jewellery, and merchandise. Varnasutra, an audacious venture yet to be realized, promises to redefine artistic boundaries, weaving its enchanting threads through the fabric of everyday life.

Varsha’s unwavering dedication to her craft and her unwavering desire to transform the perception of art in her homeland reverberate with unyielding intensity. Her journey stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of artistic visionaries, those brave souls who dare to defy convention and push the boundaries of creative expression. Through her resolute

determination, she urges us all to embrace the transformative power of art, to nurture and celebrate the boundless potential that lies within each stroke of the brush, each vibrant splash of colour. With Varsha Perera at the helm, the art world stands poised on the precipice of a new era, one where the resplendent tapestry of human creativity reigns supreme, unfettered by the chains of doubt and misconceptions. The future awaits, and Varsha, with her audacious spirit and unfathomable talent, looks dead set on leading the way.



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