Union Assurance, Sri Lanka’s leading life insurer, recently hosted the Union Assurance Wonder Moms programme on the 12th of August 2023 at Water’s Edge. The primary aim of the programme was to celebrate and recognize the invaluable contributions of the working mothers of the company.

Adding to the significance of the occasion, the company unveiled the exclusive ‘Union Assurance Mother Care Pack.’ This comprehensive benefit, designed for mothers working at Union Assurance, covers the journey from conception to one year after delivery of their newborn. The care pack includes a range of valuable services including, doctor on-call services, vaccination reminders, counselling, and medicine delivery services.

The event also witnessed a lineup of impactful activities that resonated with the theme of honoring working mothers. Esteemed guest speaker, Samitha Ethuldoraarachchi, shared her insights on the topic of ‘Being a working mother and caring for your children despite the busy schedule.’ Her experience-rich talk touched upon the challenges and triumphs of balancing a demanding career with the responsibilities of parenthood.

A thought-provoking panel discussion centered around involving the senior management of the Company and John Keells Holdings on the subject of ‘How Union Assurance as a corporate support working mothers’ was another highlight of the programme. The programme also facilitated a networking session that enabled working mothers within Union Assurance to connect and share their experiences.

The Chief People Officer of Union Assurance, Imtiyaz Aniff, stated, “Union Assurance is driven by a progressive culture that allows all employees to thrive. In 2022, every one of our female employees who took maternity leave smoothly reintegrated into our workforce, which stands as a testament to Union Assurance’s flexible and nurturing workplace environment.”

“Union Assurance’s Wonder Moms programme underscored the company’s dedication to fostering an inclusive workplace where the contributions of working mothers are acknowledged and celebrated. This programme further reflects Union Assurance’s commitment to embracing diversity, promoting work-life balance, and creating an environment that empowers all employees,” he added.

Union Assurance is a subsidiary of the John Keells Group, one of Sri Lanka’s largest listed conglomerates. The Company has completed over three decades of success with a Market Capitalisation of Rs. 19.4 Bn, and a Life Fund of Rs. 57.7 Bn as of end March 2023. Set to empower the Sri Lankan Dream, Union Assurance offers Life Insurance solutions that cover health, investment, protection, retirement, and education needs of Sri Lankans. With an island-wide branch network and an over 4,000-strong workforce, Union Assurance continues to invest in people, products, and processes with a customer-centric focus to be responsive to emerging changes in the Life Insurance industry.

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