You joined Atlas Axillia just over a year ago. What has been your experience as a leader driving impact-led brands?


When I joined  Atlas Axillia I worked on introducing the first ever purpose-based youth brand in Sri Lanka – Innovate. When we want to launch a product we don’t just create a brand for the sake of it, the purpose is hard-coded. So, when we looked at our first youth purpose brand that’s exactly what we did for a real premium lifestyle experience. We collaborated with youth groups as well as designers to bring to life the experience and change that youth were demanding. For me, this was the first-time experience in my career – to write the path of a new brand that will revolutionize the industry while creating impact.


Why is the Atlas Axillia journey different for you versus what you’ve previously experienced?

Despite having experience of over ten years in the FMCG and CRM industries, my time at Atlas Axillia tops it all off. Most times in companies we are not in charge of ‘creating’ brands -but today I can proudly say that I was a leader in creating a brand [Innovate] that is truly different by first putting together a philosophy of what we want to influence in society, how we build relationships to support the change we want to see, and how our products & designs will communicate and celebrate the change we are driving.

As the Marketing Manager for over a year, it has been an eye-opening experience in creating a meaningful and impactful brand

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