In the dynamic world of Connex Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd., three remarkable leaders have emerged as the driving forces behind the company’s rise and its commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions. Dilshan De Silva, the Chief Operating Officer, Eranga Wickramasinghe, the Chief Revenue Officer, and Rohan Samaraweera, the Chief Technical Officer, each with their unique vision and expertise, are collectively steering Connex towards new horizons of innovation and customer excellence.

In this article, we explore their individual roles, strategies, and the synergy that has transformed Connex in the tech industry, offering unparalleled value to its partners and customers.

Dilshan De Silva, Chief Operating Officer together with the board of management, has played an integral role in the company’s remarkable growth in recent years. Their strategic prowess and approaches have been instrumental in shaping Connex’s story.

One of the cornerstone strategies driving this growth has been the implementation of separate business units, a testament to board of management visionary thinking according to Dilshan. With Connex boasting an extensive product portfolio, encompassing nearly 50 products, including the strategic acquisition of more than 15 leading Gartner-level products, this segmentation has allowed for a laser-focused approach to each product category. The establishment of six distinct business units, each overseeing an average of 10 to 12 products, underscores their commitment to meticulous product management. This approach ensures that Connex can offer tailored solutions to its partners and customers, all under the watchful eyes of dedicated business unit heads and product managers.

According to Dilshan, the board of management ambitions knew no bounds. He was not content with just product management; he mentioned that they yearned to explore uncharted territories. And so, with the vigor of an explorer, Dilshan & the management led Connex on a journey into the heart of South Asian countries. India, Singapore, Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos—they all bore witness to Connex’s expansion, and Dubai, Brunei & Mauritius joined the ranks as the most recent additions. These were not mere partnerships; they were Connex’s very own entities, proof of the company’s commitment to painting a global footprint. These strategic decisions resonated far and wide, augmenting Connex’s reach and propelling the company to new heights internationally.

As the clock ticked on, Connex’s story unfolded. It had emerged from humble beginnings in 2014 when it was a fledgling company. Fast forward to the present day, and the company has grown into a formidable force with over 180 professionals. According to Dilshan, The Management & the business units heads strategic diversification efforts had seen Connex venture into realms beyond imagination – retail model business, operational centres, and a plethora of services, including managed services. Each initiative was a testament to his dedication to steering Connex Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. toward a future marked by sustained growth, innovation, and unparalleled success.

Eranga Wickramasinghe, Chief Revenue Officer, stands at the helm of the company’s dynamic market presence. Connex, a value-added distributor with multiple business units, faced a unique challenge: how to craft sales strategies and foster cross-functional collaborations within these units to deliver unparalleled value to customers and maintain a razor-sharp competitive edge.

The canvas of Connex’s business units was nothing short of a masterpiece, each unit playing a vital role. From the Strategic Business unit (business unit head- Laxman Karunaratne) to Strategic Technologies (business unit head- Sameera Weeraratne), Servers and Storage (business unit head- Tharanga Fernando), Enterprise Networking (business unit head- Ilham Fareed), Cyber Security & Collaboration (business unit head- Nalin Manoharan), to the distinguished Microsoft business unit (business unit head- Godfrey Sigamonie) – they all contributed their distinct brushstrokes to the company’s success. Connex’s core mission was to enhance the products it distributed through these units.

Eranga understood that the true essence of value addition lay not just in products but in the services offered. Connex provided an array of services to its partners, from pre-sale support to post-sale support, and even after-sale support and implementation. It was this commitment to excellence that set Connex apart in the market.

But Eranga’s ambitions extended beyond the familiar shores. Connex had embarked on a journey, venturing into new regions. In these regions, Connex’s footprint was not just about expansion; it was about ensuring customer satisfaction. They had earned the prestigious titles of authorized support center and authorized implementation partner for key vendors like Palo Alto Networks, Extreme Networks,  and LogRhythm. These distinctions were a testament to Connex’s commitment to delivering top-notch services to its customers.

Persistent on staying at the forefront of technological advancements, Rohan Samaraweera, Chief Technical Officer, is instrumental in addressing the evolving market dynamics and ensuring that Connex delivers nothing but the best to its customers, all while remaining aligned with its vision.

It all began with Connex’s mantra: “Empowering Technologies.” From the outset, they embarked on a journey to introduce new technologies to the market, even when many were unaware of, or untouched by, these emerging technological marvels. More than eight years ago, Connex boldly pioneered the adoption of AI and machine learning technology in the market, setting a precedent for innovation. They embraced the challenge of bringing these new technologies to light, mitigating evolving technological requirements, and mastering the intricacies of cybersecurity and infrastructure demands. With a focus on security, Connex constantly sought to introduce the latest cutting-edge technologies to their customers, consistently pushing the envelope.

Moreover, Connex understood that to maintain its technological edge, it needed a dedicated team of highly certified and competent technical staff. Rohan emphasizes that the organization made it a priority to invest in their internal engineering staff, ensuring they had the skills and expertise required to provide the right solutions to customers. Connex’s vision was clear: deliver innovative solutions that align seamlessly with their customers’ IT strategies and budgetary constraints.

Within Connex’s technical department, technology was seamlessly integrated into two distinct domains, each led by experienced leaders: Network and Security, led by Nuwan Chaturanga, and System  and Security, overseen by Anuradha Buluwala. These departments were bolstered by an exceptional team of over 80 engineers, carefully selected from various universities in Sri Lanka. Connex didn’t just provide solutions; it nurtured the careers of these engineers, offering them a learning curve that encompassed technology development and research and development (R&D) endeavors.

As part of its strategy, Connex remained perpetually vigilant, scanning the global tech landscape for new trends, market requirements, and customer needs. Armed with this knowledge, they tailored their solutions to meet these changing demands. Their technical strategy extended beyond their organization; they also focused on enhancing their partners’ competencies to ensure the end customers received nothing but the best. Training sessions, both for end customers and partners, were a regular occurrence.

Considering Connex’s extensive technical proficiency and understanding of contemporary technological trends, they have achieved the status of being the leading vendor-supported support centre and implementation partner for top-tier products like Palo Alto, Extreme, and LogRhythm.

The triumphant synergy of Eranga Wickramasinghe’s market acumen, Rohan Samaraweera’s technological foresight, and Dilshan De Silva’s strategic brilliance have propelled Connex Technologies to unparalleled heights in innovation and customer satisfaction. As Connex marches forward, these leaders remain steadfast to empower technologies, drive innovation, and provide exceptional solutions that meet customer requirements and embody the Connex vision. With Eranga, Rohan, and Dilshan at the helm, Connex is poised for a future marked by boundless possibilities and enduring excellence.

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