President Ranil Wickremesinghe, during a meeting with students from Girls’ High School Kandy on Tuesday (Aug. 08), has expressed his strong commitment to increasing women’s representation in politics through reformative changes.

He has also highlighted his dedication to achieving a significant level of women’s participation in politics and emphasized the need for specific reforms to facilitate this objective, according to the President’s Media Division (PMD).

President Wickremesinghe made these remarks in response to a question raised by one of the visiting students from Girls’ High School Kandy, representing the Student Parliament.

As part of their tour, over 100 female students have visited various governmental institutions, including the Sri Lankan Parliament, Colombo’s port city, the President’s House, and the Presidential Secretariat.

The students also had the opportunity to engage in a friendly meeting with the President at the main auditorium of the Presidential Secretariat.

The PMD said President Wickremesinghe has provided the students with valuable insights into the history, structure, and pivotal role of the Presidential Secretariat as the primary decision-making institution in the country’s governance.

The Head of State also emphasized the importance of providing students studying arts subjects with opportunities to explore other fields such as science and mathematics for higher education.

President Wickremesinghe stated that he believes that such interdisciplinary learning will enable them to contribute effectively to the future development of Sri Lanka, with a vision towards becoming a developed nation by 2048.

This visit by Girls’ High School Kandy students has marked the initial phase of a program initiated to open the Presidential Secretariat to school children, the PMD said. During their visit, the students had the chance to acquire new skills and gain valuable experiences.

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