Malaysia’s Quest International University (QIU), a comprehensive private institute of higher learning, is offering a diverse range of unique educational opportunities to the people of Sri Lanka

Based in Ipoh, Perak, QIU offers foundation, diploma, bachelor’s degree, and postgraduate programmes that cover disciplines in medicine, pharmacy, business and management, life sciences, computing, engineering, culinary arts, social sciences, and many more.

The university sets itself apart by committing to a hands-on, experiential learning process Students learn by doing, as a method of augmenting the theoretical aspect of their field.

This principle is supported by a diverse selection of industry advisors, adjunct academics, and partnerships with industry and corporate partners. These experts provide insights and input into our curricula, incorporating the latest innovations and advancements in their field.

QIU Chief Operating Officer Nicholas Goh said: “In today’s world, the theory you learn as a freshman may be redundant once you graduate. We believe in pedagogy that is constantly updated to mirror changes that are happening in the real world. This gives our graduates an advantage because their hands-on experience will help them hit the ground running when they enter the job market”

“The university is also committed to the principle of leaving no student behind. If a student faces any difficulties during their time at QIU, we have instituted support systems that will help them improve. This includes extra guidance from lecturers, peer-assisted study sessions, and assistance with time management and goal setting. We go beyond teaching, we are here to ensure that our students learn.”

We have proudly welcomed some of Sri Lanka’s talented students to QIU since 2017. Our Sri Lankan joiners have signed up for a wide range of courses, ranging from life sciences programmes like biotechnology to business and arts programmes like hospitality, tourism, advertising, and MBA.

At our Faculty of Medicine, four batches of Sri Lankan doctors-to-be are set to graduate in 2024. They will be valuable assets to the medical field in Sri Lanka, healing, saving lives, and helping the people of their country achieve good health.

Medical students at QIU can also practise overseas, as our programme is recognised by numerous medical councils around the region. At the same time, they have the chance to specialise and practice in the United States because our syllabus incorporates United States

Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) training.

QIU’s overarching goal is to create well-rounded students-equipped with the right knowledge, attitude, work ethic, skills, and university experience to make them truly future-ready

For more information on QIU and the educational opportunities we offer, head togiu or contact +6019 8300 881.




About QIU

Quest International University (QU) is a private and comprehensive university, which is a public-private partnership in conjunction with the State

AT QIU, we believe that planting the seeds of curiosity in students inspires them to make knowledge-seeking their quest in life Our students are our top priority. We instil a sense of knowledge in them, and blend theory and practice in education by ensuring that our programmes are industry-mlevant while using current and effective motivational teaching methods

At QIU, we teach our students a “green” concept of love for the environment and the community. We develop QIU graduates into well-rounded citizens with an excellent education and a caring heart-not just for their fellow men but for the environment as well.

There are alx Faculties and two Centres at QIU-the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Integrated Life Sciences, the Faculty of Computing and Engineering, the Faculty of Business and Management, the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Centre for Research and Innovation, and the Centre for Postgraduate Studies. QIU offers programmes at Foundation, Diploma, Degree and Postgraduate levels. Further information can be obtained

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