Roshane Perera is a leader in the solar energy field, driving Hayleys Solar forward with a strong focus on renewable energy. His journey began at St. Joseph’s College and continued at the University of Moratuwa, where his interest in renewable energy sparked. Interning in Switzerland and studying at Queen Mary University of London further fueled his passion for this field. Working at ICC Green Energy Solutions for six years, Roshane played a pivotal role in their success in the renewable energy sector. In 2017, he became the CEO of Hayleys Solar, where he continues to champion the solar sphere.

As the driving force behind Hayleys Solar, Roshane shares a story of milestones and innovations of the company that has increased the adoption of solar energy in the country. Having recently surpassed 150MW of collective rooftop PV capacity island wide, Hayleys Solar records the largest installed roof-mounted solar in Sri Lanka. With 25 per cent of the market share and growing, the company emerges as the trendsetter, introducing solar powered products that redefine the solar landscape for generations to come.

Roshane emphasises Hayleys Solar’s role during challenging periods. The company made a significant contribution by introducing lithium batteries for off-grid and hybrid solutions, branded as Energynet, precisely when the need was most pressing. This strategic move turned out to be a success, setting an example for innovative solutions that directly addressed the real needs of the market.

One of their most notable achievements was the rapid completion of a groundbreaking project for Sri Lanka’s largest telecommunication service provider; the first ever implementation of solar panels on telecommunication towers in Sri Lanka. When power cuts threatened connectivity, the company managed to equip over 830 communication towers with solar power within a tight time frame. Today, keeping communities connected, close to a thousand telecommunication sites around the island are powered by solar, setting a new standard for renewable energy initiatives in the country.

Amidst these initiatives, Hayleys Solar has also taken charge in agrivoltaics revolutionizing not just the energy sector but also the agriculture in Sri Lanka. Through a pilot project funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and in collaboration with the University of Peradeniya, Hayleys Solar explores transparent solar panel technology integrated into agriculture, a concept known as Agrivoltaic.

At Hayleys Solar, achieving fuel savings and environmental responsibility are fundamental accomplishments. They’ve pioneered in synchronizing backup generators with solar systems using PV-DG technology, resulting in fuel savings and contributing to the country’s sustainable future.  By synchronizing solar PV systems with Diesel Generators through a priority IoT controller, the system aims to minimize costs and reduce reliance on expensive diesel fuel amidst escalating fuel prices. This technology not only showcases their commitment to clients but also reflects their dedication to national progress. But the journey doesn’t end there. Roshane reveals that Hayleys Solar is gearing up to install a 2-MegaWatt hour battery storage system – a leap forward for battery storage in Sri Lanka. Their collaboration with a leading international company specialising in cutting edge solutions underscores their commitment to introducing the latest global advancements to the local market.

According to Roshane, every step taken by Hayleys Solar not only contributes to a greener environment but also aligns with substantial bill savings. Sustainability drives the company’s strategic intent, empowering clients to adopt green solutions through solar power installations. With each kiloWatt of solar energy introduced, a wave of positive impact follows. This impact isn’t just about saving tons of CO2 emissions in the process, but it also supports increasing energy independence for companies.

At Hayleys Solar, the team don’t just keep up with evolving trends – they set the pace. Roshane highlights their engineering prowess, blending age-old wisdom with cutting-edge innovation. Considering Fentons is a 104-year-old engineering company, the team is steeped in a wealth of expertise.

With over 100 engineers in the renewable energy arm alone, the company ensures they’re not only well-equipped but always a step ahead. By encouraging its engineers to explore new technologies, sending them overseas for exhibitions and training, and fostering a culture of continuous learning, Hayleys Solar remains at the forefront of emerging solar sector trends. Through this combination of tradition and modernity, the company’s young and energetic culture fosters an environment where ideas flourish, and superior quality products constantly enter the market.

In sync with the broader sustainable vision of the Hayleys Group, Hayleys Solar has catalysed the installation of 20 MegaWatts of solar power across various sectors within the Hayleys Group. The company’s collective efforts of initiating solar installations across the Group, has created a substantial reduction in their total carbon footprint. The synergy between sister companies actively contributes to building a more sustainable future.

Understanding that the world is increasingly leaning towards sustainable energy, Roshane points out that the future is indeed renewable. Hayleys Solar is in alignment with Sri Lanka’s goal to generate 70% of its electricity through renewables by 2030. The tropical advantage of Sri Lanka, blessed with abundant sunshine throughout most of the year, provides the perfect backdrop for their solar ambitions. Looking ahead, Roshane sheds light on the important role of battery technology in shaping this new energy landscape. He stresses that solar power combined with battery storage isn’t just a glimpse into the future – it’s the key to ensuring stability in the evolving energy scenario.

Reflecting his expertise in client relationships and the lasting value of trust, Roshane draws attention to his focus on nurturing partnerships, delivering unmatched service, and defining success through long-term investments. Under his guidance, Hayleys Solar isn’t just a business venture; it’s a commitment reflecting values of trust, service, and longevity.

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