In the world of porcelain craftsmanship, where artistry meets innovation and timeless elegance is forged with modern excellence, there exists a remarkable individual whose name is synonymous with the very essence of this craft. Channa Gunawardhana, the Chief Executive Officer of Dankotuwa Porcelain PLC and Royal Fernwood Porcelain Limited, is a testament to the extraordinary journey from humble beginnings to the zenith of porcelain manufacturing. He was awarded the prestigious title of Best CEO of the Year in Manufacturing by CEO Magazine Sri Lanka and has been recognized with induction into the Hall of Fame for his outstanding leadership excellence by the Colombo Leadership Academy.

Dankotuwa, with its rich heritage spanning 39 illustrious years, has earned its place as a global icon in porcelain tableware and giftware. From the inception of superior glazing technologies to the creation of personalized designs that epitomize sophistication, the brand’s legacy is steeped in the art of crafting porcelain ware that transcends utility to become a canvas for exclusive dining experiences on any occasion. On the other hand, Royal Fernwood is a distinguished manufacturer and exporter renowned for high-quality porcelain tableware. Their exquisite tableware pieces reflect a fusion of artistry and functionality, adding a touch of elegance to dining experiences worldwide. Whether gracing the tables of fine dining establishments or enhancing everyday meals at home, Royal Fernwood products stand as a testament to their dedication to excellence in porcelain manufacturing.

At the heart of Dankotuwa’s success lies its reputation for producing luxurious and elegant tableware that exudes pristine beauty. This reputation has endeared to millions, not only in native Sri Lanka but across the globe. The brand’s mastery of high whiteness levels, opulent gold and platinum designs, and innovative imprinting techniques has made it the preferred choice for those seeking extravagant indulgence or tasteful gifting.

Channa’s story is one of transformation, from a young boy influenced by his father’s passion to a visionary leader steering the ship of two porcelain manufacturing giants. In the pages that follow, we witness not only the evolution of a thriving industry but also the embodiment of dedication, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

In his role as CEO, Channa has implemented a transformative approach to establish and fortify the brand’s presence in the porcelain manufacturing sector. Dankotuwa had adhered to traditional methods and a culture of rigid conformity. Under his leadership, a fundamental shift in organizational culture was initiated. He firmly believed in empowering employees to understand diverse situations and make decisions based on informed judgment and calculated risks. He advocated for an environment where every individual, regardless of their position, was considered an equal contributor to the organization’s overall performance. Systems were made more flexible, ensuring that all team members had a fair chance to determine how they could enhance the organization collectively.

The journey towards this cultural shift was not without its challenges, but it proved to be immensely rewarding. Channa understood that transformation began at the top, with the CEO and top management setting the example. Instead of a culture that reprimanded employees, the organization embraced a learning culture, where taking risks and learning from mistakes were viewed as essential stepping stones towards innovation, progress, and growth.

Within this new culture, every voice was valued, and employees were encouraged to freely express their opinions, secure in the knowledge that their contributions would be appreciated without judgment or ridicule. Over time, this cultural shift became ingrained within Dankotuwa, and credit was duly attributed to those who contributed.

The result of this ‘collective leadership’, combined with streamlined processes and an inclusive culture, elevated the brand from being merely good to truly great. This synergistic approach not only empowered the entire team but also positioned Dankotuwa as a forward-thinking leader in the porcelain manufacturing sector, equipped to navigate the challenges of an ever-evolving business landscape.

Dankotuwa Porcelain has achieved remarkable international recognition, a feat not easily accomplished in the global market. Channa, at the helm of this endeavour, shares insights into the strategic brilliance that has expanded the company’s reach while preserving the essence of Sri Lankan craftsmanship.

At the heart of Dankotuwa’s successful foray into global markets lies meticulous planning. The initial stages involve thorough data collection, including market surveys and comprehensive primary and secondary research. These efforts yield invaluable insights into the target audience, market size, income levels, consumer behaviour, competitive landscapes, substitute products, and distribution channels, among other critical factors.


With a deep understanding of the dynamics in each market, Dankotuwa devises a unique market entry strategy tailored to each region. This may involve establishing the brand’s retail presence, collaborating with third-party outlets, or even operating as an OEM for other renowned brands, showcasing flexibility that is key to international success.

However, what truly sets Dankotuwa apart is its commitment to establishing personal connections at the ground level in each market. Drawing from his own experiences, Channa emphasizes the importance of immersing in local cultures and demographics. This dedication to understanding the market firsthand allows them to adapt its strategies effectively, blending seamlessly into each region’s unique tapestry.

But success doesn’t stop at planning; it’s the team behind the strategies that execute them flawlessly. Dankotuwa invests in identifying and training teams capable of adapting to changing circumstances, learning on the job, and remaining receptive to feedback. Channa’s wisdom lies in recognizing that not all tactics will yield the desired results. Hence, the company cultivates the maturity to pivot and adapt as needed, ensuring that its international ventures flourish. In essence, Dankotuwa’s global expansion strategy is a harmonious blend of meticulous planning, cultural immersion, and agile execution, all guided by a commitment to preserving the essence of Sri Lankan craftsmanship on the global stage.

To those who aspire to the role of CEO, Channa imparts wisdom rooted in the pursuit of a balanced, joyful, and fulfilling life. Regardless of one’s title or designation, the essence lies in having aspirations and personal goals. Passion, authenticity, commitment, and unwavering dedication to giving one’s best are the keys to success, with the outcomes being a collective achievement. His advice is a reminder that life is a unique journey, where it’s essential to cherish the little things—the small blessings, the people we encounter, the triumphs, and even the setbacks. In this journey, each individual, including leaders, consists of both greatness and flaws, and the path to progress involves nurturing the greatness within us, which often outweighs the imperfections. Ultimately, the aim is to find happiness and fulfilment not just as CEOs but as individuals who contribute to the world in meaningful ways.

The wisdom shared by Channa extends far beyond the confines of corporate leadership; it encapsulates a philosophy for living a meaningful and purpose-driven life. His emphasis on balance, passion, authenticity, and the pursuit of personal goals serves as a beacon for aspiring leaders within Dankotuwa and beyond. His insight reminds us that titles and designations are but one facet of our existence, and the true measure of success lies in our ability to appreciate life’s simple joys, nurture our inherent greatness, and strive for fulfilment in all aspects of our journey. As Dankotuwa continues to flourish under his leadership, his wisdom acts as a guiding light, inspiring not just CEOs but all individuals to be their best selves, both within and beyond the corporate realm.

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