In the modern business landscape, where every click and keystroke shapes the destiny of corporations, the role of Information Technology has taken centre stage. At John Keells IT, a pioneering force in Sri Lanka’s business ecosystem, this leadership team is not just navigating the digital frontier; they’re actively shaping its contours.

From the visionary CEO, who charts the strategic course, to the hands-on COOs, ensuring seamless operations, this team epitomizes the synergy of leadership. The Chief Sales Officer brings market acumen, while the Chief Delivery Officer ensures project execution par excellence. The Head of HR nurtures and empowers the talent behind the scenes, while the Head of IT orchestrates the technical marvels that underpin John Keells IT’s digital prowess. The Head of Finance, a steward of fiscal prudence, and the Head of Marketing, a maestro of brand strategy, complete this ensemble of innovation.

Dr. Ramesh Shanmuganathan, CEO of John Keells IT, embodies the driving force behind the company’s commitment to digital transformation. His approach to leadership is evident in his belief that challenging the status quo is paramount in today’s ever-evolving business landscape. Driven by the desire to make this transformative journey rewarding for all stakeholders, he emphasizes the importance of collaboration, co-innovation, and co-creation.

Under his guidance, John Keells IT has emerged as a dynamic consultancy and professional service organization dedicated to propelling business and digital transformation. In a data-driven, experience-centric economy, the company’s mission is to ensure customers remain relevant by embracing multi-cloud environments. His commitment to establishing John Keells IT as a transformation partner of choice is underpinned by the company’s domain expertise, industry experience, technological prowess, and a proven track record, instilling trust and confidence in customers embarking on strategic transformation journeys.

To facilitate this transformation, he has equipped John Keells IT with a comprehensive suite of practices encompassing business consultancy, design thinking, cloud architecture, cybersecurity, and more, all offered through a unique “as a service” model. The company’s portfolio spans five value stacks, each designed to facilitate cloud adoption and drive business/digital transformation. Strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as SAP, Microsoft, AWS, GCP, and others empower John Keells IT to provide best-in-class solutions tailored to clients’ long-term objectives.

At the heart of Dr. Ramesh’s philosophy lies the belief in building enduring client relationships, where value creation occurs incrementally and sustainably. By continually exploring cutting-edge technologies, incubating them within customers’ transformation initiatives, and offering proven solutions and services, John Keells IT enables organizations to confidently embrace the digital future. With an exceptional team of talent and a robust ecosystem of strategic partners, his leadership ensures that John Keells IT remains at the forefront of digital enablement, helping clients seamlessly integrate into desired ecosystems and platforms to thrive in the digital age.

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