Dilini De Alwis, Chief Operating Officer for the APAC region at John Keells IT, stands at the helm of an ambitious mission to capitalize on the burgeoning economic epicentre that is Asia Pacific. With the region’s diverse markets and the rapid emergence of transformative technologies, she has devised a strategic blueprint to position John Keells IT as a leader in the APAC IT landscape. Recognizing the pivotal role of countries like China and India in driving global growth, Dilini is steering John Keells IT towards expanding its footprint beyond Sri Lanka. Leveraging existing strengths and strategic partnerships with industry giants such as SAP and Microsoft, she is meticulously planning the company’s expansion in both the SAARC and SEA regions, focusing on countries that align with their unique portfolios.

Her vision revolves around establishing John Keells IT as a 100% Cloud-focused entity, offering comprehensive guidance to organizations transitioning from on-premise systems to the cloud. She views disruptions brought about by emerging technologies as windows of opportunity, and her strategy emphasizes collaborative innovation with customers, co-innovating and co-creating solutions to harness technology as a platform for innovation. Moreover, Dilini is keen on building an extended ecosystem within these markets, fostering a network of partners that complement the company’s competencies, capabilities, and capacities, thereby ensuring a sustainable value proposition. She is orchestrating John Keells IT’s ascent to prominence in the APAC IT landscape by harnessing the region’s growth momentum and embracing transformative technologies.

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