State Minister of Mass Media Shantha Bandara says that steps will be taken to present the new bill for the modernization of the Department of Posts to the Parliament before the end of this year.

Joining a press conference held at the Presidential Media Center titled “Towards a stable country – all in one direction”, the State Minister emphasized that since the existing Post Office Ordinance hinders the renovation activities of the post, it has been decided to amend it immediately and that 80% of its work has already been completed.

“We hope to table the new postal bill to the parliament and pass it this year, and the future work regarding the matter will be carried out. The postal department is one of the state institutions that make losses at present”, he added.

Meanwhile, Bandara mentioned that the income of the postal department by December 31, 2022, was Rs. 7,000 million, while the costs borne was Rs. 14,000 million, adding that they were instructed to implement necessary procedures to offset the losses of Rs. 7,000 million.

“We expect to reduce the losses down to Rs. 4,000 million by this year, and to balance the profit and the loss by December 2024”, he stressed.

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