Sanjeewa Alwis, CEO of a global tech consultancy company ( BCS Technology), credits his journey as an evangelist in technology and entrepreneurship for shaping his approach to both business and his lifestyle.


With an inherent curiosity and a relentless pursuit of knowledge dating back to his school days, Sanjeewa developed into a self-learner, eschewing traditional educational settings for a more dynamic and experiential approach to acquiring knowledge. This unconventional path laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial endeavours, instilling a mindset of continuous learning and adaptability.

At Dialog Axiata PLC, where Sanjeewa began his career as a Computer Systems and Network Engineer, his inquisitive nature propelled him beyond the confines of his role. Engaging with colleagues from diverse departments, he absorbed insights beyond his immediate responsibilities, expanding his technical expertise and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration. This proactive approach not only accelerated his professional growth but also positioned him as a versatile contributor capable of addressing multifaceted challenges.

A pivotal moment in his journey was achieving the distinction of being the first AWS Certified Architect in Sri Lanka. This milestone underscored his commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies and staying abreast of industry advancements. It reinforced the importance of continuous learning and staying ahead in a rapidly evolving tech landscape, qualities indispensable for any entrepreneur navigating today’s digital era.

Reflecting on his experiences, Sanjeewa emphasises the significance of continuous learning, interdisciplinary collaboration, and adaptability as key insights gleaned along the way. These principles not only inform his technical acumen but also serve as guiding principles in his entrepreneurial pursuits. He believes that to lead and innovate effectively, one must remain open to exploration and be willing to leverage new technologies and approaches to tackle complex challenges head-on.

Sanjeewa Alwis recalls a key moment that exemplifies the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and storytelling, a convergence that propelled both his career and the growth of his company. The narrative unfolds during a project undertaken for a major client, focused on developing and deploying a cloud-based data warehouse on AWS. This endeavour wasn’t merely a technical undertaking but a strategic move to utilize cutting-edge technology to address complex data analytics requirements. The project presented formidable challenges, necessitating expertise in Various cutting-edge technologies.

The critical juncture arrived during a phase of the project fraught with significant technical obstacles that threatened progress. Overcoming these challenges required not only technical prowess but also aligning the project with the client’s strategic business objectives. It demanded an entrepreneurial vision and the ability to narrate a compelling story of the project’s potential impact. In response, Sanjeewa led a reimagining of the approach, simplifying complex technical concepts and crafting a narrative that resonated with both the team and the client. This transcended the technology itself, portraying the project as a catalyst for innovation, efficiency, and competitive advantage within the client’s industry.

Through storytelling, he galvanized the team, enabling renewed purpose and collaboration while aligning the client’s expectations with the project’s trajectory. The successful completion of the project marked a significant milestone, demonstrating the ability to merge cutting-edge technology with strategic entrepreneurship and compelling storytelling. This experience underscored the power of storytelling in technology and entrepreneurship. It highlighted that while technical skills are essential, weaving these skills into a narrative that resonates emotionally and intellectually can transform challenges into opportunities, creating something truly extraordinary. This storytelling approach has since become a cornerstone of Sanjeewa’s leadership and a driving force behind the company’s success.

As a multifaceted entrepreneur, Sanjeewa has a track record of bringing ideas to life across different domains. Balancing the role of a visionary with the practicalities of running successful businesses requires a delicate dance between dreaming big and grounding those dreams in reality. His approach has always been to treat each venture as a narrative — a story that begins with a vision but is propelled by actionable steps. Sanjeewa envisioned creating a platform that integrates advanced artificial intelligence with user-centric design to revolutionize the way individuals manage their digital lives. The idea was grand – to build an ecosystem that not only simplifies tasks but also anticipates needs through predictive analytics.

The visionary in Sanjeewa painted a picture of a world transformed by this technology, where efficiency and intuitiveness become the norm. However, the entrepreneur in him understood that bringing this vision to fruition would require meticulous planning, a robust business model, strategic partnerships, and a scalable approach. He began by assembling a diverse team of experts in AI and UX design, business development, and marketing. Clear, measurable goals were set for each development phase, from initial concept to MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to full-scale launch. Each goal was underpinned by rigorous market research, ensuring the product met a tangible need in an innovative and user-friendly manner.

Practicalities involved frequent iterations based on user feedback, careful financial management, and a marketing strategy that communicated the vision in a way that resonated with the target audience. It meant making tough decisions, sometimes scaling back features to focus on core functionalities that aligned with business objectives. Essentially, maintaining this balance entails remaining faithful to the inspiring vision behind the venture while efficiently addressing the everyday hurdles of business operations. It requires a blend of flexibility and focus, imagination and analysis, and a steadfast commitment to merging ambitious possibilities with pragmatic realities. This equilibrium has proven indispensable in guiding not only one but multiple successful ventures, each with its distinct narrative of innovation firmly rooted in the practical world.

Within the Sri Lankan IT industry, Sanjeewa has earned a reputation for nurturing the growth and development of emerging talent. Recognizing the transformative power of mentorship and education, he has positioned himself as a catalyst for growth and innovation, aiming not only to teach but also to inspire progressive thinking and problem-solving within the industry. Central to this mission is a mentorship program tailored specifically for young women in IT and students from rural areas designed as a comprehensive ecosystem supporting their career development. Covering technical skills, leadership training, and personal growth, this initiative ensures that participants are equipped to tackle challenges and assume leadership roles in the future.

The nurturing environment Sanjeewa cultivates rests on three key pillars: accessibility, empowerment, and opportunity. Firstly, he attempts to make advanced tech knowledge accessible through workshops, seminars, and open online resources, breaking down barriers to learning and fostering inclusivity. Empowerment is fundamental to his approach, emphasizing hands-on mentoring and sharing insights from his own experiences to instill values of continuous learning, adaptability, and resilience. This approach fosters a culture where questioning is encouraged, challenges are viewed as opportunities, and innovation is embraced collaboratively. Moreover, Sanjeewa ensures mentees are provided with real-world challenges and opportunities to work on impactful projects, enhancing their learning experiences and preparing them for the complexities of the tech industry. This recognition of opportunity underscores the value of the experiences he provides, as evidenced by the industry’s acknowledgment that working with him can open doors.

Leading by example, he actively seeks novel solutions and stays ahead of tech trends, demonstrating to the next generation that being a leader in IT requires a commitment to lifelong learning. Sanjeewa’s impact on the Sri Lankan IT industry reflects his dedication to promoting an ecosystem where professionals are equipped not only with skills but also with the confidence to excel and lead. By creating a multiplier effect where today’s mentees become tomorrow’s mentors, he perpetuates a cycle of growth and innovation within the industry.

Undoubtedly, Sanjeewa’s journey has been punctuated by challenges, each presenting opportunities for unexpected outcomes that have significantly shaped his professional path. One instance stands out vividly, illustrating the power of determination to effect positive change. Early in his career, Sanjeewa undertook the challenge of enhancing the digital infrastructure of a non-profit organization, aiming to implement a scalable, secure, and cost-effective IT solution. Despite meticulous planning, the project encountered resistance stemming from scepticism and a reluctance to embrace change within the organization. Undeterred, he recognized the need to address not just technical obstacles but also cultural barriers.

Driven by a fervent desire to make a meaningful impact, he initiated workshops to demystify the proposed technologies, engaging and empowering stakeholders. Unexpectedly, these sessions catalyzed a groundswell of enthusiasm among a group of young staff members eager to learn and contribute. Their newfound energy became contagious, gradually shifting the organization’s attitude towards embracing innovation. This not only ensured the success of the project but also left an imprint on his professional trajectory. It underscored the transformative power of empowering others through knowledge and advocacy, emphasizing the importance of investing in people alongside technology. Inspired by this experience, Sanjeewa adopted a greater focus on educational initiatives in subsequent ventures, integrating training programs and knowledge-sharing as integral components. This shift not only bolstered project success rates but also propelled him into roles as a mentor and educator within the tech community.

Reflecting on this journey, it is evident that Sanjeewa’s determination to drive positive change through education and empowerment has become a guiding principle across his roles as an evangelist, entrepreneur, and writer. This experience continues to inform his actions and aspirations, reinforcing the belief in the impact of investing in people to catalyze meaningful transformation.

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