In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of technology, there are entrepreneurs whose stories inspire and captivate, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. PRASHANTHI KIRTHISINGHE, FOUNDER OF SYNTEGRITY , is one such trailblazing figure on a remarkable journey in the tech sector.

Her journey began in 1996 when she stepped into Lanka Internet, a prominent internet service provider in her country. Starting as a receptionist, she witnessed the power of the online world and felt a profound calling to leave her mark in the IT industry. Driven by ambition and an insatiable thirst for growth, she embarked on a path that would shape her professional destiny.

As the years unfolded, Prashanthi’s career path intertwined with esteemed organizations like IWS Holdings, Pan Lanka, DFCC Bank, and ABC Computers. Each step served as a springboard, honing her skills and expanding her expertise. From one role to the next, her journey was marked by audacious goals and a relentless pursuit of significant advancements every five years.

ABC Computers played an instrumental role in moulding Prashanthi’s personal and professional life, bestowing upon her a transformative 12-year tenure. Throughout this period, she encountered numerous challenges, but her determination refused to let setbacks define her. It was the support of a few pillars in her life, notably her husband and daughter, that fortified her spirit. Their belief in her potential nurtured the strength and resilience needed to conquer obstacles and forge ahead in her career.

In 2015, the stars aligned as Prashanthi found herself standing at the precipice of her lifelong dream of entrepreneurship. Drawing upon her vast knowledge and experiences, she harnessed her accumulated synergy and integrity to breathe life into her venture—Syntegrity Technologies. It was a defining moment, a resolute commitment to translating her vision into tangible reality.

Syntegrity Technologies witnessed an astounding ascent in the Graphic Tablets market, and the story behind this ascent is nothing short of captivating. In Sri Lanka, a niche market for graphic tablets existed, catering primarily to graphic designers. Although progress in this market was initially sluggish, there was an untapped demand waiting to be unleashed. Then, in the tumultuous year of 2020, the world was besieged by the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, within the chaos, an unexpected metamorphosis occurred. The graphic tablet, once crafted for artists, emerged as an unforeseen blessing during these trying times. It swiftly evolved into an invaluable tool for professionals, especially teachers and lecturers, who had to swiftly adapt to remote teaching. Beyond the confines of education, the tablet found its place of honour across a kaleidoscope of industries and sectors. Its allure extended to universities, hospitality, finance, and insurance, and became the coveted companion for professionals such as architects, artists, doctors, and lawyers.

The demand for graphic tablets soared to dizzying heights, starting from the design industry and gracefully expanding its reach into every corner of the market. It became a ubiquitous and sought-after instrument, addressing the needs of diverse professionals with aplomb. It was in this opportune scenario that Syntegrity seized the moment, capturing the market with innovative, high-quality graphic tablets designed to cater to the ever-evolving needs of professionals across myriad sectors. Their astute understanding of market dynamics and their agile adaptability played a pivotal role in their meteoric growth and resounding success.

Prashanthi and Syntegrity have distinguished themselves from their competitors by offering a constellation of unique features and innovations that have propelled their extraordinary success. As the distributor for Huion and a consumer business partner for Wacom in Sri Lanka, Syntegrity occupies a distinguished position, collaborating with two of the most reputable and highly acclaimed brands on a global scale. While other pen tablets may exist in the market, none can match the unparalleled standards of quality, durability, and warranty policies upheld by Huion and Wacom.

In addition to these esteemed partnerships, Syntegrity takes immense pride in fostering collaboration with renowned brands such as KANDAO and McAfee. These strategic alliances bear testimony to their commitment to aligning with established companies that share their dedication to delivering exceptional products and services. Through these collaborative endeavors, Syntegrity fortifies its ability to provide cutting-edge solutions and meet the evolving needs of its cherished customers.

At Syntegrity, their guiding principle circles around partnering with top-tier, reliable, and high-quality products. This resolute commitment has consistently positioned them at the summit of industry standards. Moreover, their dedication to maintaining timely service levels has played an instrumental role in their ongoing success.

As a female business owner, Prashanthi has encountered instances where being a woman has provided her with distinct advantages and opened doors for collaboration and innovation. One such instance emerged when Syntegrity sought partnerships with organizations that prioritize diversity and inclusivity.

Her role as a female owner has enabled her to connect with kindred spirits in the business world—businesses and leaders who value gender equality and advocate for female representation in the industry. This shared commitment has provided a fertile ground for collaboration, where synergies have flourished, and goals have been achieved in unison. By seizing these extraordinary opportunities, Syntegrity has forged powerful alliances that have resulted in pioneering solutions, expanded market reach, and an esteemed brand reputation.

Furthermore, being a female owner has endowed Prashanthi with a unique perspective, infusing her problem-solving and decision-making processes with a distinctive flair. By fostering diversity within the Syntegrity team, they have nurtured a culture of boundless creativity and inclusion, becoming the catalysts for innovation that propel the company ever forward.

In essence, being a female business owner has not only granted Prashanthi distinct advantages and remarkable opportunities for collaboration and innovation, but it has also allowed her to champion diversity and inclusivity within the industry. Through these unparalleled opportunities, Syntegrity has gained a competitive edge, fostered boundless innovation, and positioned itself as a formidable leader in the market.

Prashanthi believes wholeheartedly that Syntegrity plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of the Graphic Tablets industry. As the distributor for Huion and a consumer business partner for Wacom, Syntegrity aspires to set the gold standard for quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction in the industry.

Glimpsing into the future, Prashanthi envisions a landscape marked by remarkable advancements in technology, where graphic tablets become even more powerful and feature-rich. Improved pressure sensitivity, enhanced stylus capabilities, and seamless connectivity with other devices will define the forefront of innovation.

Moreover, Prashanthi predicts an escalating demand for graphic tablets, extending beyond the traditional design industry. Sectors such as education, healthcare, architecture, and entertainment will wholeheartedly embrace these visionary devices, unleashing boundless productivity and unparalleled creative expression. To embrace these imminent changes, Syntegrity diligently prepares itself by remaining at the forefront of industry developments. They keenly observe market trends, forge strategic alliances with pioneering brands, and invest in extensive research and development. These concerted efforts ensure that they continue to offer the latest and most innovative products to their cherished customers.

Syntegrity’s commitment to understanding the evolving needs and preferences of its customers forms the bedrock of its success. They actively seek feedback, conduct comprehensive market research, and embrace customer-centric practices. By doing so, they stand poised to anticipate and effectively adapt to the dynamic demands of the industry. Moreover, Syntegrity places paramount importance on providing comprehensive support and service to its customers. They consistently enhance their after-sales support, warranty policies, and prompt service levels to guarantee enduring customer satisfaction and foster unwavering loyalty.

Through a tapestry of unparalleled partnerships, unique product features, and a dedication to customer satisfaction, Syntegrity has emerged as a pioneer and catalyst of innovation. Prashanthi’s exceptional journey as an entrepreneur in the tech sector stands as a testament to the power of perseverance, determination, and an unwavering commitment to seizing opportunities. Through her remarkable odyssey, she has defied expectations, carving her path to success and leaving an indelible legacy in her wake.



On August 10th, McAfee hosted an exclusive partner event in Sri Lanka, unveiling their latest products to a gathering of local channel partners. This significant occasion also marked the announcement of Syntigrity Technologies as the exclusive distributor for McAfee products in Sri Lanka. The partnership is set to empower the Sri Lankan market with top-tier cybersecurity solutions. The choice of Syntigrity Technologies as McAfee’s exclusive distributor for Sri Lanka holds great importance for the local cybersecurity landscape. This collaboration ensures that Sri Lankan businesses and individuals gain direct access to McAfee’s cuttingedge cybersecurity products, enhancing their digital protection and safeguarding sensitive data. With Syntigrity Technologies at the forefront, the country’s channel partners now have a trusted local partner to deliver and support McAfee’s solutions, thereby contributing to a more resilient and secure digital ecosystem in Sri Lanka. This strategic move strengthens the nation’s cybersecurity infrastructure and enables organizations to proactively defend against evolving cyber threats, fostering a safer online environment for everyone.





Innovative technology meets artistic prowess in the world of graphic tablets, and at the forefront of this evolution stands Wacom. With a legacy of empowering digital artists, designers, and creators, Wacom’s graphic tablets have become synonymous with precision, versatility, and unmatched creative potential.

Wacom has long been recognized as a trailblazer in the field of digital artistry, pioneering tools that bridge the gap between traditional artistic mediums and cutting-edge digital expression. Their graphic tablets, ranging from entry-level models to advanced professional options, provide a canvas where imagination knows no bounds.

Wacom’s proprietary pen technology delivers an experience akin to traditional drawing and painting. With industry-leading pressure sensitivity, tilt recognition, and virtually no lag, artists can achieve the finest details and subtlest strokes with ease.

Wacom’s appeal is universal, spanning various domains. From illustrators giving life to characters, photographers retouching images, architects drafting designs, to 3D artists sculpting virtual landscapes, these tablets empower creativity across the board.

Wacom’s tablets seamlessly integrate with industry-standard software such as Adobe Creative Suite, Corel Painter, and more. This integration ensures a fluid transition for artists moving from traditional to digital mediums. Wacom’s graphic tablets encapsulate more than just technology; they encapsulate the journey of self-expression, exploration, and boundless creativity. They serve as the conduit between an artist’s mind and the digital realm, fostering an experience that transcends traditional artistic limitations.

In an era where the boundaries between traditional and digital art are blurring, Wacom stands as a pillar of transformation. By empowering artists with the tools, they need to push artistic boundaries, Wacom is indeed revolutionizing the creative process, one stroke at a time.

Wacom’s range of products includes Cintiq Display Tablets, Intuos Pro Graphic Tablets, Intuos Graphic Tablets and One by Wacom Display and Graphic Tablets each model which is positioned to suit the budgets of the users.



Embarking on a creative journey in the digital realm has never been more exhilarating, thanks to Huion’s innovative range of products. From graphic tablets to pen displays, Huion has firmly established itself as a dynamic force in the world of digital artistry, offering tools that inspire, empower, and revolutionize the way artists create.

Huion’s commitment to merging technology with artistic expression is at the heart of their product offerings. With a keen understanding of the unique needs of digital artists, illustrators, designers, and creators, Huion has crafted devices that seamlessly blend innovation and imagination.

Huion’s pen technology boasts impressive levels of pressure sensitivity and tilt recognition, delivering an experience that rivals traditional artistic mediums. Artists can bring their ideas to life with precision, from the faintest brushstroke to the boldest lines. Huion’s graphic tablets cater to artists of all levels, providing a diverse range of options that ensure everyone can find the perfect fit for their needs. Whether it’s a beginner discovering digital art for the first time or a seasoned professional seeking advanced tools, Huion’s product line has something to offer.

Huion’s innovative spirit continues to drive them forward. With advancements in display technology, their pen displays offer artists a tactile experience that bridges the gap between hand and screen. This immersive interaction promises to redefine the creative process, offering artists an intuitive way to express their ideas.

In a world where digital creativity knows no bounds, Huion stands as a beacon of inspiration, innovation, and unlimited possibilities. Each stroke made with a Huion device is a testament to the boundless potential of the human imagination, guided and empowered by cutting-edge technology.

Huion product range comprises of Inspiroy Graphic Tablets, Kamvas and Kamvas Pro Display Tablets and accessories.




In an age where digital landscapes expand with unprecedented speed, safeguarding your online presence has never been more critical. McAfee Security Software stands as a stalwart guardian, offering comprehensive protection against cyber threats that lurk in the corners of the digital realm. With a legacy spanning decade, McAfee continues to redefine digital security, enabling users to explore, create, and connect with confidence.

McAfee’s reputation as a cybersecurity industry leader is a testament to its commitment to safeguarding users against an evolving array of threats. From viruses and malware to phishing attacks and identity theft, McAfee’s security software provides a robust shield that stands between you and potential threats.

McAfee’s suite of security solutions covers a wide spectrum of digital vulnerabilities. With offerings ranging from antivirus and anti-malware protection to secure VPN services, McAfee ensures that your devices and personal information remain shielded from malicious intent.

User-Centric Design: McAfee’s software is built with users in mind, offering intuitive interfaces that make security easy to manage. User-friendly dashboards, real-time threat detection, and automatic updates work seamlessly in the background, allowing users to navigate the digital world without interruption.

In an era where data privacy is paramount, McAfee’s security software goes beyond protecting against external threats. With features like encrypted storage, safe browsing, and anti-phishing tools, McAfee safeguards your personal information from prying eyes and unscrupulous entities.

With a history rooted in pioneering cybersecurity, McAfee’s legacy is built on the trust of millions of users worldwide. From individuals safeguarding their personal devices to businesses fortifying their networks, McAfee’s software has become a reliable partner in the realm of digital security.




As the whole world has now moved to remote work and global connectivity, virtual meetings have become the cornerstone of modern communication. Kandao, a trailblazer in immersive imaging technology, introduces the Meeting Pro and Pro S, a dynamic duo designed to revolutionize the way we connect, collaborate, and communicate in the virtual realm.

Kandao’s Meeting Pro and Pro S are not just video conferencing tools; they are gateways to a new dimension of communication. These cutting-edge devices harness the power of AI and 360-degree imaging to create a virtual meeting experience that bridges geographical divides.

360-Degree Immersion: With panoramic views that capture every corner of a meeting room, Meeting Pro and Pro S transport participants into a lifelike environment. This 360-degree immersion fosters a sense of presence, allowing individuals to interact as if they were in the same room, regardless of physical location.

The Meeting Pro and Pro S boast unparalleled image quality, ensuring that every participant is visible with exceptional clarity. With 4K resolution and advanced optics, these devices eliminate the limitations of traditional webcams, providing an intimate, true-to-life visual experience.

Intelligent Active Speaker Tracking: The AI-driven active speaker tracking feature is the heart of Kandao’s technology. It intelligently identifies and focuses on the current speaker, ensuring that the conversation flows naturally. This capability eliminates the need for manual adjustments and enhances the overall meeting dynamics.

Kandao’s devices seamlessly integrate with popular video conferencing platforms, making them versatile tools for businesses of all sizes. Whether it’s a brainstorming session, a client presentation, or a team huddle, the Meeting Pro and Pro S amplify the impact of virtual interactions.

Kandao’s Meeting Pro and Pro S transcend the limitations of conventional video conferencing, creating an entirely new paradigm in virtual collaboration. These devices redefine the art of communication, enabling participants to engage in conversations that are as natural and effective as face-to-face interactions.

Kandao’s Meeting Pro and Pro S are more than just tools; they’re enablers of innovation. As remote work continues to reshape the way we work, these devices stand as beacons of progress, offering a glimpse into the future of communication where distance is no longer a barrier to meaningful interaction.

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