Azahn Munas, Managing Director of OutSauced Media, has a compelling journey that led him to the pinnacle of the digital media world. Born in Sri Lanka and raised in Australia, his educational pursuit at Wesley College Melbourne and then RMIT University (studying a Bachelor of Communication and Advertising) have undoubtedly sharpened his skills. Venturing into the advertising and PR industry, notably working for JWT in Melbourne, set the stage for his career trajectory. However, his move to the UK in 2018 proved to be a transformative experience. His time at WeWork became a turning point as the progressive organization instilled in him the importance of entrepreneurship, innovation, and community. Moreover, it honed his ability to communicate effectively and think on his feet – skills that have contributed to his success in the ever-evolving digital media landscape.

Azahn epitomizes the organization’s philosophy of empowering creativity, fostering collaboration, and delivering exceptional results. Just like the company, his characteristics reflect a profound commitment to these principles. With visionary thinking, he plans the future and sets a clear direction for his team, inspiring them to work towards collective goals. Emphasizing the importance of empowering creativity, he cultivates an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives thrive, encouraging every team member to explore their unique talents and ideas.

Collaboration and team building holds paramount importance, and Azahn fosters strong relationships with his team, promoting open communication and a sense of unity to overcome challenges and achieve remarkable outcomes. Embracing change, he instills a culture of continuous learning and improvement, ensuring OutSauced Media stays agile and adaptable in the landscape of media and technology. With a client-centric approach, he prioritizes understanding the unique needs of clients, developing strong client relationships, and delivering excellent service through innovative solutions. By embodying these values, Azahn leads his team towards outstanding outcomes, shaping the future of digital media with creativity, adaptability, and client-centricity.

Azahn’s journey at the helm of OutSauced has been nothing short of a thrilling whirlwind! From its inception, the company’s growth has surpassed all expectations, with a rapid surge in demand driving the need for two hiring rounds within a mere six months. The market, both local and overseas, has warmly embraced their service offerings, showering them with a receptive reception. But that’s not all; Azahn’s innovative mindset and forward-thinking approach have even led OutSauced to explore new horizons. Their latest venture into the world of accounting and bookkeeping has yielded spectacular results, with exceptional growth witnessed in just three short months. It’s a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and his team’s dedication to delivering excellence.

With a keen eye for the latest trends and innovations, Azahn ensures his organization is always one step ahead of the game. Leveraging data-driven decision-making, he empowers his team to make informed advertising choices, harnessing the power of advanced tools to analyze campaign data and gain invaluable insights into user behaviour. This strategic approach not only optimizes campaigns but also paves the way for better performance and results. But he doesn’t stop there; he understands the importance of personalization. Embracing dynamic creative optimization, he crafts ads that resonate with individual users, adapting to their unique attributes and preferences. This creative finesse enhances ad performance and captivates users, leading to increased engagement.

For Azahn, the digital advertising landscape is a realm of endless possibilities, where innovation is the heartbeat of success. He encourages his team at OutSauced Media to remain ever-vigilant, keeping an ear to the ground for emerging trends and industry updates. As trends shift, he and his team adapt, incorporating new best practices to deliver optimal results for their clients.

Azahn, with a keen eye for the intricacies of the BPO industry in Sri Lanka, outlines the most pressing challenges facing firms that specialize in Facebook and Google Ads. Among these challenges, talent acquisition and retention resonate as a symphony of complexity. The industry yearns for skilled professionals well-versed in ad campaign management, audience targeting, analytics, and creative content development. The pursuit of top talent echoes with intensity, prompting outsourcing firms like his to craft enticing career opportunities, competitive compensation packages, and continuous learning avenues to maintain a harmonious ensemble of skilled professionals.

In the dynamic score of the BPO industry, increasing competition strikes a powerful chord. Azahn believes that outsourcing firms need to orchestrate their uniqueness by infusing value-added services, campaign optimization expertise, and unparalleled customer service into their repertoire. Furthermore, he recognizes the importance of client education and communication for effective collaboration. He expresses that outsourcing firms should invest in clear communication channels and foster a proactive approach to engage clients, align campaign objectives, and deliver regular performance updates, resulting in a symphony of fruitful partnerships. The crescendo of continuous learning and development reverberates in the digital advertising industry. In Azahn’s opinion, outsourcing firms must invest in talent development, and maintain strong partnerships with platforms like Facebook and Google. By doing so, they can navigate the challenges and provide high-quality digital advertising services to their clients.

In the context of the nation’s ongoing economic crisis, Azahn foresees a strong rebound for the BPO industry over the next year. He finds hope in the government’s focus on prioritizing growth in this sector, recognizing its potential as a lucrative foreign exchange earner for the nation. As the storm of the economic crisis subsides, he welcomes the conclusion of the power crisis, which has brought ease to their daily operations. However, to fortify their position and ensure dedication to their clients, Azahn ingeniously employs a resilient approach. His team are able to work from their affiliate co-working space WORX, to ensure they will always have an un-interrupted power supply.

With passion and zeal, Azahn encourages the upcoming generation to arm themselves with diverse skills, recognizing that versatility is the key to success in this spirited and exciting domain. He advocates for continuous learning, urging them to stay ahead of the ever-changing curve by immersing themselves in practical experiences. “Forge connections with other creative professionals, showcase your work, and seize opportunities, as your talents have the power to shape the future,” he stated.

In the world of digital advertising, Azahn Munas stands tall and fearlessly navigates the dynamic landscape, embracing innovation, and crafting personalized solutions. With his strategic prowess and a team of talented individuals, he has firmly established OutSauced Media as a powerhouse in the industry, leaving a trail of success and satisfaction in his wake. As the future unfolds, one can only imagine the endless possibilities OutSauced Media will pioneer in the ever-evolving digital realm!

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