Women empowerment is a topic that has gained significant momentum in recent years, with more and more companies recognizing the benefits of empowering women in the workplace. This has led to a shift towards more inclusive work environments and an increased focus on building diverse and inclusive teams.

One individual who has played a significant role in this movement is Chamani Somarathna, Head of Supply Chain Management at Moose Clothing. Chamani’s journey towards becoming the Head of Supply Chain Management at Moose Clothing began with her graduation from the University of Peradeniya with a bachelor’s degree in Production and Industrial Engineering. She then began her career in Manufacturing Engineering, spending a significant portion of her early career with Brandix before joining Moose Clothing in late 2022. Over the course of her career, Chamani has honed her skills and developed her personality, becoming a confident and assertive leader.

One of the keys to Chamani’s success has been her commitment to empowering herself and the women around her. For Chamani, empowerment begins with believing in oneself and recognizing one’s strengths and skills. Chamani also believes in the importance of seeking out mentorship and networking opportunities, as these can provide valuable guidance and support for professional and personal development. Chamani also places great emphasis on speaking up when she sees something that needs to change or has an idea that could benefit the organisation or community.

Chamani’s commitment to empowering other women is equally strong. She celebrates the achievements of the women around her, provides feedback and guidance, and advocates for their success through positive reinforcements and motivation. Chamani is also keenly aware of the issues that can affect women, both in the workplace and in society as a whole. She looks for ways to help women face these challenges and works to promote policies and initiatives that encourage diversity and inclusion.

At Moose Clothing, Chamani is part of an organisation that values the contribution of women and respects their views and opinions. Moose Clothing strives to create a culture of inclusion and provides training and other programs geared towards promoting policies and initiatives that encourage diversity and inclusion. The organisation also places a strong emphasis on giving women the opportunity to speak out and share ideas, thoughts, and contribute to the decision-making process.

The benefits of having empowered women in an organisation are numerous. Empowered women are an asset to an organisation and society at large. They are more productive, have enhanced multitasking abilities, and come up with innovative solutions to problems. Empowered women are also a great resource of experience and support to an organisation, as they can take ownership of tasks and projects, increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

One of the keyways to expand women’s links to each other is through mentorship, coaching, and networking. Women-focused employee resource groups provide a platform for women to connect, share experiences, and support each other in their career development. Coaching and training on relevant and required skills such as networking, communication, and leadership will help women build their professional networks and develop their careers. Partnering with external organisations that focus on promoting women’s leadership and networking, such as women’s business associations and non-profits is also another approach that can be looked at in this regard.

However, there is much work that needs to be done on a wider scale to empower women. Starting from our education system right through to legislature and politics, reforms are required to provide equal opportunities to women and increase their participation. Society must also challenge gender stereotypes and norms that limit women’s opportunities and perpetuate gender inequality. More efforts must be made to encourage girls and women to pursue careers in fields where they are currently underrepresented.

In conclusion, empowering women in the workplace is not just a moral imperative, but it also benefits organisations and society at large. Companies need to take a proactive approach to promote diversity, create a culture of inclusion, and give women the opportunity to advance in their careers. At the same time, society must challenge gender norms and biases to provide equal opportunities for women and encourage them to pursue their dreams. Only then can we truly achieve gender equality and build a better future for everyone.

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