Thushari Perera, Director of Human Resources at AIA, provides valuable insights into the exceptional practices that define the company’s approach to holistic employee wellbeing. Her longstanding tenure with AIA underscores her unwavering dedication. Initially joining the company as a school leaver, Thushari briefly pursued other avenues before returning to AIA in late 2006. Throughout her time at the organization, Thushari has steadily ascended the professional ladder, acquiring expertise in a range of HR domains such as rewards and recognition, employee engagement and learning and development. As the Director of HR, Thushari brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role.


  1. What initiatives does AIA Insurance undertake to support the holistic wellbeing of its employees, and how do these initiatives align with the company’s core values.


Amidst a growing recognition of the importance of employee wellbeing, AIA Insurance has emerged as a remarkable example. The company’s profound dedication to the health and wellbeing of its employees is evident through its implementation of various initiatives aimed at supporting healthier, longer and better lives for its employees.


Central to AIA Insurance’s ethos is its resolute commitment to the brand purpose of ‘Healthier, Longer, Better Lives,’ which extends beyond the customer base to encompass the wellbeing of its employees. Thushari highlights the company’s unwavering focus on the health and welfare of its workforce, emphasized by a comprehensive framework for employee wellbeing. This framework is constructed upon four pillars: Live Well, Think Well, Feel Well and Plan Well.


AIA takes proactive measures to address the physical wellbeing of its employees. Through educational forums, online webinars and expert guidance, the company imparts invaluable knowledge on nutrition and healthy eating habits, encouraging employees to adopt beneficial dietary practices. Collaborations with medical organizations and professionals further provide guidance on disease prevention through lifestyle modifications, particularly concerning conditions such as diabetes. AIA facilitates regular annual health check-ups and provides extensive insurance coverage, ensuring comprehensive medical support for its employees. Additional resources, including fitness classes, gym memberships and virtual alternatives, are made available to foster a culture of physical wellbeing.


Recognizing the significance of mental wellbeing, AIA offers its employees a 24/7 counselling service at no cost. Emphasizing the importance of mindfulness and self-care, the company creates an environment where employees are encouraged to set personal goals and engage in activities that promote mental wellbeing, one such programme was Me@AIA which was a meaningful training series that provided tips on stress management. Yoga sessions, breathing exercises and practical workshops led by experts are implemented to alleviate stress, enhance concentration and promote a harmonious work-life balance.


AIA places great emphasis on social wellbeing by nurturing a diverse and inclusive work environment. Celebrations of events like Avurudhu, Women’s Day, Men’s Day and religious festivities foster a culture of mutual respect and appreciation. Engaging employees in initiatives such as home gardening not only promotes physical activity but also cultivates a sense of tranquillity and focus. AIA’s partnership with SOS Village, a childcare foundation, exemplifies the company’s commitment to social responsibility and employee-led corporate social responsibility endeavours.


Under the pillar of ‘Plan Well,’ AIA Insurance focuses on financial wellbeing, which holds significant importance for an insurance company. The company conducts knowledge enhancement forums to educate employees on financial planning. These forums cover various aspects, such as personal finances and saving habits. By staying connected with current affairs and market trends, AIA aims to raise awareness among employees about financial matters and enhance their financial literacy. Financial wellbeing is a core component in AIA’s employee calendar, emphasizing the importance placed on helping employees manage their finances effectively.


  1. How does AIA Insurance prioritize employee wellbeing as a fundamental aspect of organizational success, and what strategies does it employ to ensure the health and happiness of its workforce?


People are the most valuable asset in any company, and safeguarding their wellbeing is crucial. AIA Insurance prioritizes employee wellbeing as a fundamental aspect of organizational success by recognizing the significance of a positive work environment. This includes actively listening to employee feedback through various surveys, such as the Gallup survey, to understand the employee experience comprehensively. By identifying gaps and areas for improvement, AIA designs its strategies to meet the needs of its employee workforce effectively. This proactive approach not only enhances employee satisfaction but also promotes their overall wellbeing. Additionally, AIA invests in learning and development courses to ensure employee satisfaction and happiness, fostering a culture where individuals feel valued and supported in their personal and professional growth. When employees feel that their needs are understood and addressed, they are more likely to feel happier, content, and supported in the workplace, ultimately leading to a positive work environment and better organizational success. Therefore, AIA believes that making employee wellbeing a core value within an organization is essential in fostering a great workplace.

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