Apple sales have continued to fall, despite strong demand for its iPhones and services like streaming platform Apple TV+.

The tech giant says revenues dipped 1% to $89.5bn (£73.3bn) in the three months to 30 September when compared with the same period last year.

Sales of its Mac computers and iPads struggled after a post-lockdown surge in interest.

It marks the fourth quarter in a row where sales have fallen year on year.

In an update to investors, the firm said that profits had reached $23bn, helped by a new record for iPhone sales in the three-month period.

The amount it took from services such as iCloud and Apple Music also hit a high, bringing in $22.3bn for the California-based firm, up 16% from a year before.

But it cited concerns over potential supply chain issues hampering deliveries of its new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max devices.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook said it was “working hard to manufacture more”.

“We do believe that later this quarter, we’ll reach a supply-demand balance,” he said.

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