Aiko Preschool was founded with a visionary goal by our Managing Director, Savithri Suduge, to bridge the gap between childcare practices in Sri Lanka and Japan. Understanding the pivotal role of the early years, Aiko embarked on a mission to create a nurturing environment where children can develop independence and confidence, inspired by the successful model of Japanese childcare. This vision marked the inception of a truly unique journey.

In its initial stages in 2019, Aiko primarily functioned as a daycare and after-school activity center. Over the subsequent years, they have experienced remarkable growth, established a preschool and expanded the daycare services to operate 24/7, seven days a week.

The introduction of the ‘learning through play’ concept in 2021 and the launch of the Aiko Infant Care Unit in 2022, catering to babies aged 4 months to one and a half years, further enriched our offerings. In 2023, they proudly inaugurated the Teachers and Professional Caregiving Training Academy, complemented by the introduction of a home-visiting childcare service.

Beyond conventional education, Aiko cultivates a well-rounded approach to life. The Aiko young graduates not only excel academically but also develop a sharing, caring, and creative mindset, coupled with a resilient personality that equips them to confidently face life’s challenges beyond their initial schooling experiences. Aiko is not merely a daycare center; it serves as a nurturing environment where children flourish, fostering a sense of love that transforms Aiko into a second home for the kids.

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