A young professional who began her carrier at an early age and built the pathway through the apparel sector. Her career journey is one that inspires many young professionals. Her dedication to her craft, determination to succeed, and passion for empowering women is evident in all aspects of her work. With her extensive experience in the apparel sector, she has been able to contribute significantly to the growth and success of Moose Clothing Company.

As head of marketing at Moose, Kithmini De Silva has built a successful career. With a background in business management and marketing, Kithmini is an ACIM member of the CIM and has acquired invaluable knowledge and skills as she moved through different corporate levels within the industry. Kithmini began her career with Brandix originally in 2016 before moving on to Moose Clothing in 2018, where she leads a young and dynamic team, which primarily represents young female executives with great potential to grow further.

Empowering oneself is a very critical area of self-development. “Personally, I feel that knowing yourself and working on your self-confidence is more important.” One of the reasons for Kithmini’s success is her belief in the importance of self-development. In her opinion, knowing oneself is the first step towards empowerment. While she strongly appreciates the journey she has come so far, kithmini acknowledges the importance of equal opportunities despite the gender but stresses the need for mutual respect and support. She describes, “If you look around, still there are both men and women who will question the the choices of another woman, where all you have to do is to respect each other.”

Moose Clothing is a popular clothing brand in Sri Lanka, particularly among youth. The company provides versatile products in different styles for everyday fashion needs. Discussing more about the organization kithmini stated “We have a young, dynamic team behind Moose and we are constantly striving to bridge the gap between affordability and aspiration. We have grown so much more than just a startup with this young, modest team. And this year Moose is celebrating its 5th year anniversary.”

She considers herself fortunate to have received great opportunities at the right times but recognizes that many do not have access to the same resources and opportunities.

To support the women around her, Kithmini encourages them to identify their true selves and reach their full potential.

Despite the progress being made on women’s empowerment globally, Kithmini doesn’t believe that the business environment is becoming more balanced. She points out that the percentage of women in the upper tier of organisations is still not satisfactory, with a significant under-representation in leadership positions.

While there may be many reasons for this, Kithmini believes that organisations need to address the lack of opportunities and recognition in the lower levels that affect women’s career growth. She hopes that when opportunities arise, women will seize them and not give up.

She also believes that its important to have the right balance in the board room to see things from different perspectives. Because when it comes to decision making under stress, women tend to take more calculated risks whereas men tend to take much more bigger risks.

At Moose Clothing, the company takes significant steps to support women and ensure they take up leadership roles. As an organisation that values equality and diversity, Moose Clothing has established specific goals and targets to increase the representation of women in leadership and decision-making roles. Recruitment and promotion processes are designed to be gender-sensitive and free from bias, and the company provides a healthy work-life balance to accommodate the needs of women with caregiving responsibilities.

When it comes to dealing with challenges in the corporate world, kithmini recognizes that women tend to experience the imposter syndrome than men. She thoroughly encourages women not to second guess themselves and avoid naysayers. Kithmini also stresses the importance of having a mentor and supportive system to push you forward and bring out the best in you. Further discussing on the subject, she stated “It’s super important to understand that everything is not in your control. My mentor always says that you must pick your battles. Cause among all, you cannot lose yourself.”

Maintaining a work-life balance is essential for Kithmini, and she takes time off whenever she feels overwhelmed. She also prioritizes her time and focuses on the most important tasks, while delegating or postponing less urgent ones. Kithmini believes that everyone’s approach to work-life balance is different, but it’s important to find what works for you and stick to it.

Continuing on the topic of work-life balance, Kithmini highlights the importance of setting boundaries and prioritising tasks. “It’s important to know when to say no and when to say yes. Prioritising tasks based on their urgency and importance helps me manage my time effectively. I also make it a point to set aside some time every day to do something that I enjoy, whether it’s reading a book, watching a movie, or going for a walk. It helps me recharge and keeps me motivated.”

In conclusion, Kithmini De Silva’s career path is an inspiration to many young women out there. Through her career she has acquired invaluable knowledge and skills, empowered herself and the women around her, and found an organisation that values equality and diversity. Kithmini’s story is a testament to the fact that with hard work, determination, and support, women can achieve great success in their careers.

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