Hasanga Jayaratne, a dynamic entrepreneur, has ventured on a distinctive journey that spans diverse industries, owning and managing businesses that have made a significant impact. His ventures include Jayaratne Funeral Directors, J Orchids, The Restpect, and PetMart, each with its own unique story and inspiration.

The legacy of Jayaratne Funeral Directors stretches back to Hasanga’s grandfather, who laid its foundation. As a third-generation participant in the family business, he witnessed his father’s exceptional stewardship, elevating the company to become one of the most esteemed funeral service providers in Sri Lanka. Jayaratne Funeral Directors has become synonymous with trust and excellence, a household name known for their unparalleled service. With an enduring commitment to compassionate care during difficult times, the business has earned a reputation as one of the premier funeral service providers in the country.

J Orchids, the flower shop, arose from the necessity of sourcing flowers for funerals. Hasanga envisioned the idea of growing flowers in-house and presented it to his father. Together, they established flower farms in Kappitipola, renowned for producing exquisite blooms of the highest quality. Beyond catering to funeral arrangements, J Orchids has become a go-to destination for wholesale flowers, particularly for wedding celebrations. Initially initiated by Hasanga’s father, he now collaborates with his father to expand and develop the business further.

Managing a funeral parlour requires a delicate balance of professionalism and compassion, and Jayaratne Funeral Directors excels in providing exceptional support and care to grieving families during their most difficult times. With a team of experienced staff members who have dedicated decades to the business, Jayaratne Funeral Directors understands the emotional needs of their clients and treats each family with utmost respect and understanding.

From the moment families seek their services, Jayaratne Funeral Directors take charge of every detail, guiding them through the entire process and alleviating the burden of decision-making. Their well-trained staff is equipped to offer comprehensive assistance, not only ensuring a seamless funeral service but also providing additional support such as catering solutions, guidance for home-based funerals, and arrangements for banquet chairs, tents, and canopies. If there are specific needs beyond their scope, Jayaratne Funeral Directors readily offer recommendations for trusted service providers in the industry.

Moreover, they boast a fleet of top-tier vehicles and highly skilled embalmers, who receive training from a UK consultant to employ the latest preservation techniques during embalming procedures. Jayaratne Funeral Directors goes above and beyond to provide a comprehensive range of services, ensuring families receive the utmost care and assistance during their difficult times. Their facilities, akin to hosting the funeral at home, offer high-end amenities without the associated hassles, demonstrating their commitment to supporting and guiding families through the grieving process.

In the realm of floral arrangements, Hasanga’s ‘J Orchids’ takes on a significant role in curating and creating meaningful displays that perfectly align with the requirements of general and funeral services. Recognizing the transformative power of flowers, J Orchids understands their ability to uplift and add a touch of vibrancy, even amid sombre occasions. Every funeral service benefits from the presence of flowers, as they bring a sense of solace, beauty, and colour to the atmosphere, alleviating some of the weight of grief.

At J Orchids, customer preferences hold great importance, as different individuals may have specific requests, such as a preference for white or coloured flowers. To meet these diverse needs, J Orchids ensures a well-stocked inventory and strives to fulfil all floral requirements, regardless of the unique specifications. To cater to the high demand for floral arrangements, J Orchids goes the extra mile by maintaining their farms, and cultivating a wide variety of flowers themselves.

Given Hasanga’s steady success in his current ventures, he indeed harbours plans and aspirations for expanding his business portfolio in the future. A key focus lies in his exclusive funeral parlour, The Restpect. Catering to exclusive individuals, it is aimed at providing unparalleled services for those seeking the utmost in quality and sophistication during difficult times. With a focus on serving Sri Lanka’s elite, The Restpect has quickly become synonymous with excellence and exclusivity in the funeral service industry. Recognizing the need to extend its exceptional services to a broader clientele, Hasanga strategically opened branches in Negombo and Marawila. These expansions have allowed The Restpect to extend its reach and provide its distinguished offerings to more communities, further solidifying its position as the premier choice for premium funeral services in Sri Lanka.

Embarking on new horizons, Hasanga recognizes the burgeoning potential in the hospitality sector amid the gradual resurgence of tourism. Nestled amidst picturesque surroundings, Hasanga’s Horse Riding Center stands as a coveted destination for equestrian enthusiasts, drawing visitors from across the globe through its vibrant presence on Facebook and Instagram. An attraction of the centre’s offerings is the prestigious annual horse races held in April, with the Governor’s Cup at its epicentre. This century-old race holds the distinction of being Sri Lanka’s grandest equestrian event, and Hasanga’s unmatched horsemanship has seen him triumph in this competition an astounding five times, garnering acclaim and admiration.

Beyond the thrilling races, the Horse-Riding Center offers an enchanting experience with the option of arranging elegant wedding carriages drawn by their majestic horses, lending an air of timeless elegance to special occasions. The centre’s offerings extend further to encompass invigorating forest and park rides, providing tourists with the opportunity to explore the breathtaking beauty of the region from atop their well-trained and gentle steeds, creating unforgettable memories amidst the lap of nature.

In 2018, Hasanga and his business partners recognized a glaring gap in the market for premium pet food products in Sri Lanka, and thus, PetMart was established. Starting small by importing treats and snacks for cats and dogs, he gradually established exclusive partnerships with top-notch German companies known for their exceptional quality. As the sole importer of these coveted brands in Sri Lanka, PetMart gained a competitive edge. With relentless dedication, they registered the products in the country and began importing containers of high-quality pet food. Through strategic online presence on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, PetMart steadily built a loyal customer base.

At PetMart, what truly sets them apart from other pet stores is their unwavering commitment to selling their own brands. Unlike other pet shops that offer a wide array of products sourced from various importers, PetMart takes a different approach. They exclusively import their own range of premium products, ensuring that their customers receive only the highest quality items. By importing directly from Germany, renowned for its exceptional standards, PetMart establishes a direct relationship with the manufacturers themselves. This not only guarantees top-tier quality but also holds them accountable for the products they sell.

With an eye for strategic growth and a spirit of innovation, Hasanga’s journey exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit passed down through generations. With astute observations and a vision for meeting unmet needs, he ventured into businesses that combine quality, service, and compassion. From Jayaratne Funeral Directors’ legacy of excellence to J Orchid’s commitment to providing the finest flowers to The Restpect’s sophisticated service and PetMart’s exclusive imports of premium pet products, Hasanga’s endeavours demonstrate his dedication to delivering outstanding service. His role in expanding and developing these businesses marks an exciting chapter in his journey, one that continues to shape his legacy as a passionate and visionary leader.

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