Pasan Karunaratne, Director/CEO of Eknara Interiors (Pvt) Ltd and Eknara Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd has an interesting narrative that epitomises the evolution of his success.

Hailing from an educational background rooted in Ananda College, his thirst for knowledge and innovation ignited early. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Pasan set foot as a management trainee at Delmege Interior décor. During his tenure of 8 years there, the seeds of independence were sown, ultimately blossoming into the inception of Eknara Enterprises.

Initially focused on trading and specialising in premium flooring products such as carpets, laminate, and vinyl, Pasan’s entrepreneurial spirit proved unstoppable. With time, the company’s metamorphosis led to Eknara Interiors (Pvt) Ltd, a manifestation of its commitment to holistic interior solutions. This expansion brought forth an impressive array of services, including partition fabrications, innovative ceiling designs, and the crafting of bespoke furniture, establishing Eknara Interiors as a force in the industry.

At the heart of Pasan’s soaring story lies a set of personal values and principles that have been nothing short of instrumental, both for himself and his company. Honesty serves as the bedrock upon which his empire is built, fostering transparent relationships with clients and partners alike. His boundless passion fuels the innovation that Eknara Interiors stands for, infusing every project with an undeniable spark.

Paired with determination, this passion drives him and his team through challenges, transforming obstacles into opportunities. Yet, it’s his unshakable confidence that propels him forward, allowing him to navigate uncharted territories with poise. Amidst the whirlwind of business pursuits, Pasan’s conviction that success is not solely defined by professional triumphs shines through. He ardently believes that dedicating time and effort to family amidst the pursuit of success is equally vital, creating a blend of achievements both in the boardroom and at the hearth.

Navigating the unpredictable landscape of leadership, Pasan encountered a substantial challenge that tested both his mettle and his commitment to the company’s vision. From the outset, the task of aligning his fledgling enterprise with global giants in the industry was a formidable one.

Ensuring not just the anticipated sales turnovers, but also financial stability, required a resolve. Through tireless dedication and perseverance, he gradually steered the ship toward success. In those initial years, Eknara Interiors’ ascent transformed it into a premier interior solution provider across diverse sectors like hospitality, corporate, banking, healthcare, and residential domains in Sri Lanka. This impressive achievement not only solidified Pasan’s relationship with the initial suppliers but also beckoned new brands to join the journey.  Amidst his strategic and operational focus, Bagya Fernando emerged as a silent yet indispensable force within the company, overseeing its financial health. Their symbiotic partnership ensured that while Pasan charted new frontiers in sales and strategies, Bagya meticulously upheld the company’s financial stability, painting a picture of leadership that was not only visionary but also grounded in a holistic approach.

Remaining at the vanguard of the dynamic and ever-evolving interior design realm requires a commitment to inspiration and creative innovation, and Pasan has carved his leadership in the industry by embodying this ethos. By ardently championing a devotion to optimal quality, he has curated a constellation of expert suppliers and manufacturers who furnish a superlative array of interior products.

With an international network spanning the USA, Singapore, UAE, and beyond, Eknara Interiors can harmonize with premier designer brands, facilitating the realization of projects ranging from contemporary interior embellishments to comprehensive floor-to-ceiling transformations. The tenacity to push the envelope further is evident in their endeavour to integrate novel products from across the global stage, a testament to their dedication to exceeding customer expectations. Furthermore, their commitment extends to an evolution of service refinement, assuring a seamless fusion of top-tier products with an unparalleled service experience, ultimately solidifying Eknara Interiors’ place as a force in the ever-evolving world of interior design.

Within the portfolio of Eknara Interiors, the projects resonate deeply with Pasan and encapsulate the very essence of his design philosophy and professional journey. Being more than just a creation; their projects are a testament to the culmination of over a decade of commitment to harmonizing functionality and aesthetics.

Eknara Interiors’ signature blend of talent and profound experience finds its pinnacle in these endeavours, resulting in spaces that are simultaneously avant-garde and timeless, tailored to each client’s uniqueness. The projects underscore their exceptional capacity to balance cutting-edge innovation with enduring elegance. As the years have unfolded, the myriad accolades and projects bestowed upon Eknara Interiors stand as resounding endorsements of their ability and dedication to providing impeccable customer service and care. These celebrated projects embody Pasan’s pursuit of design excellence and his profound commitment to translating clients’ visions into awe-inspiring realities, forever etching Eknara Interiors’ mark on the landscape of interior design.

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