Zambia sells part of Victoria Falls land to China

Zambia sells part of Victoria Falls land to China

Reports from Zambia indicate that Zambia has approved the re-colonisation of Africa by offering land to a Chinese national.

A Zambian firm, ZESCO sold prime land in Victoria Falls to a Chinese national Ju Wenbin to pave way for him to construct a Ferris Wheel.

Zambian media reports indicate that Heritage authorities in the Southern African country are resisting the move by corrupt politicians.

Heritage authorities are rightly arguing that the land being offered to the Chinese business tycoon is within the Victoria Falls World Heritage Site and construction of the wheel would be in violation of UNESCO regulations.

Vicfalls Zambian side

Local government and central government authorities in Zambia have teamed up to evict families that are currently living in the area, giving them 3months notice to vacate.

It baffles the mind how so called foreign direct investment in Africa takes over consideration of Human Rights as the rightful owners of land get displaced and become destitutes in their motherland.

“While they are busy arresting their own sons and daughters for speaking against the corruption going on in their own land, they are also busy selling Zambia to Chinese,” said socialite and Zambian citizen Prophet Seer1

In Zimbabwe, President Mnangagwa also offered land to the Chinese to pave way for the construction of a golf course in the National Park.

The move was met with widespread condemnation from citizens and animal rights groups.

African leaders fool themselves to believe that China is an all weather friend despite concrete evidence to the contrary which shows that China’s deals with us are purely benefiting her more than Africa.

We witnessed our African brothers and sisters being harassed and forced out of rented accommodation and some shops refusing to serve Africans blaming them for re-importing the Covid-19.

Chinese authorities and citizens were quick to forget that Covid-19 was actually exported from China to other countries but Chinese citizens were never attacked and humiliated by Africans.

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