Minister of Foreign Affairs Prof. G.L. Peiris has met with the World Health Organisation (WHO) Representative to Sri Lanka Dr. Alaka Singh, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to discuss the current challenges Sri Lanka is facing, particularly with regard to pharmaceutical products.

During the discussion, the Foreign Minister outlined the multiple challenges currently encountered by the country and thanked the WHO Representative for the proactive steps undertaken by her Office to support the Government at this difficult juncture.

 Dr. Singh assured the Minister of the WHO’s full support for Sri Lanka to overcome the current health-related challenges, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Minister Peiris informed that efforts are underway to establish a central mechanism that would streamline requests for assistance emanating from different State agencies and allowing for the identification of the urgent requirements of the country. 

This would assist multilateral donor agencies, development partners and foreign countries in providing focused and targeted assistance to Sri Lanka. 

He also welcomed her expertise on steps that could be taken to address the medical challenges and ensuring that the maximum benefit of efforts undertaken by the Government and the WHO reach the people.

Dr. Singh informed that the critical period is till the end of July 2022 and that from August 2022 to July 2023 there will be sufficient medical supplies in the country. Currently there are several offers of assistance received from many countries. In this context, they are coordinating with the UNDP in Sri Lanka in setting up a platform for donations, particularly private donations.

Minister Peiris conveyed the sincere appreciation of the Government of Sri Lanka for the strong, consistent and continuous support received from WHO, in particular the Country Office in Sri Lanka, as well as the support of many foreign countries in assisting the Government address the current health related challenges.