Surrounding herself with a solid support system that admires humanistic values, Neomi Koswatte, CEO and founder of Aadaraya Ceylon (Pvt) Limited, has created her mark in the fashion niche of sleepwear and intimates, channelling her creative vision and passion for design to provide her customers with premium products. Neomi has truly animated the slogan of her company “find that special feeling” in her life as she stands with pride in the journey she has made thus far, contributing something unique to society. She guides her corporation towards excellence through specialized expertise and consultancy under her leadership.

Under NK Ventures, Aadaraya Ceylon designs and sources solutions, for sleepwear and intimates, specializing in the Asian and Middle East retail markets. With a focus on market intelligence, design and development, sourcing and production, they strive to provide their customers with an end-to-end solution for their product needs. Standing as the nucleus within this broad sphere, Neomi directs her creative vibrancy and visionary outlook as a leader, spreading it throughout her tightknit encircled corporation as they attempt to reinvent sleepwear and lingerie for the modern woman.

Every design and element of the product is made with great precision under the congealed supervision and valuable expertise of Neomi, as she and her team dedicate their best efforts to crafting their products, ensuring to make their customers feel confidently comfortable in their most intimate space. Offering a wide range of products including sleepwear, loungewear, and lingerie, Neomi has successfully established a possible empire on the foundational grounds of an impressive portfolio, being a consistent buyer for a multinational company for 15 years, and having a combined 20 plus years of experience and expertise in the industry in both production and retail in the same niche. As she established the Aadaraya brand in 2017, she achieved the dream of owning her own line and continues to steer that reality to a level of excellence while networking to establish her brand as well-trusted with originality.

“The biggest factor that helped me succeed in my journey so far is the passion I had for the job I did and the need I had to always go the extra mile to add more value to the given task, not just what is expected of me.”

Since the beginning of her career, Neomi has cited her secret to success as the fact that she has always done her job with zeal, even if it was a minor task. With her absolute need to fulfil the job with excellence and attention to detail, Neomi embarked on any responsibility carefully and precisely, looking forward to contributing to an exceptional outcome she could take pride in.

“My attention to detail and willingness to contribute more than what was asked of me is something my bosses noticed and recognized in me. The minimal supervision and the feeling my superiors had that if you needed anything done properly, give it to Neomi and it will be taken care of, was one of the best feelings of appreciation and recognition for me.”

Taking a look back at her career journey, Neomi beams with humble pride as she has created a beautiful outcome with the unique qualities she was blessed with. As she embraces her personality and directs it to serve everyone’s greater good, Neomi’s content fully claims that the establishment she created came to be as the ultimate reward of nourishing herself to grow more and more each day as a unique individual.

Having developed a holistic approach to her leadership, Neomi considers her team as an extension of her family. Breaking the counterfeit toxic perception that it’s hard for females to work under a female boss, she claims that she prefers and takes pride in having had the opportunity to work within a female-dominated environment, and that indeed is what persevered her to stand as a leader now.

“My teams have been with me for long periods of time, and we are like a family. We don’t only bring our job skills to work, we also bring our daily troubles to work. Being a mom and a career woman, I understand that it’s harder for women to just wake up and come to work. Dealing with my team in a self-reflective way helps me understand what motivates them, and it is important to state that it is not just about money and career progress. Sometimes it is really about having a passion and vision as a unique individual.”

Approaching her responsibilities as a leader in a self-reflective way and with value factors such as meaning, purpose, connection with co-workers and work-life integration, Neomi has created her own personality in the corporate structure catering to deliver, engage, employee, and contribute to many women, starting from her employees to her customers. Keeping her work environment less authoritarian and more cooperative and family-like with solid leadership, Neomi has evidently created a revolutionary system within her organization, inspiring many women around her.

As Neomi acknowledges the high-profile positions in the corporate sector run by female leaders with pride, she admits it is very encouraging to see so many women in leadership roles during the current era. While doing her part to contribute to this progressive change, Neomi motivates and encourages women to take charge of this progressive situation and rise to the challenges. She advises the aspiring females to make something extraordinary of themselves, build something unique and create something they are passionate about, while genuinely helping each other throughout the distinctive journey they choose to take.