Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo is excited to announce the grand relaunch of ColomBar, our premier restaurant and bar that celebrates the vibrant culture and heritage of Colombo and Sri Lanka. This event marks an exciting new chapter for ColomBar, with enhanced features that promise to elevate our guests’ experience.

Inspired by the charming ambiance of a railway station in Slave Island, ColomBar is the ultimate destination where everyone can unwind relax and entertainment after a hectic day. From 4.00 to 7.00 PM, guests can unwind to the rhythm of live DJ music, setting the perfect tone for a relaxing evening. As the night progresses, from 7 PM onwards, ColomBar transforms into a vibrant stage featuring live performances by Sri Lankan artists and bands. This includes not only popular English tunes but also the enchanting beats of Sinhala Baila music. Baila, a genre cherished by Sri Lankans, is essential for any celebratory night, weaving the threads of English hits with the heart-touching rhythms that resonate deeply with our Sri Lankan culture. Guests arriving before sunset can indulge in ColomBar’s signature cocktails while enjoying the serene and picturesque views of Beira Lake, surrounded by lush greenery and a tranquil ambiance. Through ColomBar, we proudly promote the rich heritage of Sri Lankan food and entertainment, offering a truly immersive experience that highlights the best of what our beautiful island has to offer.

Guests at ColomBar can now revel in their experiences without a worry about the weather, thanks to the brand-new roof that elegantly covers the entire seating area. Designed to provide complete protection from the rain, this innovative feature allows the party to continue unabated, regardless of any sudden showers. ColomBar’s commitment to offering a reliable and enjoyable environment means all the guests can come in confidence to get a seamless and uninterrupted experience, come rain or shine.

In addition to the enhanced musical ambiance and weatherproof seating, ColomBar proudly introduces its new VIP seating area. This exclusive section offers an elevated level of luxury and privacy, catering to our distinguished guests who seek a more intimate and upscale setting. The VIP area promises a sophisticated atmosphere with personalized service, ensuring a memorable and exclusive experience that truly sets ColomBar apart.

ColomBar has been conceptualized to showcase the city and the island’s vibrant culture through a unique fusion of food, drinks, and music. “We are excited to welcome our guests to the newly renovated ColomBar,” commented Mr. Nazoomi Azhar, The General Manager of Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo. Mr. Azhar further said “Our goal was to create a space that not only highlights the cultural richness of Colombo but also provides a comfortable and enjoyable environment for our guests. With the new roof covering and VIP seating area, we believe ColomBar will set a new standard for dining and entertainment in Colombo.”

About Cinnamon Colombo Hotels.

Located in the heart of the city, Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo offers tranquil getaways in its unique offering of a ‘Resort in the City’ with expansive lakefront and garden views. Unveiling elegance and grandeur is Colombo’s most luxurious, modern, and truly ‘grand’ city hotels, Cinnamon Grand Colombo, located near Colombo’s Galle Face Green, overlooking views of the majestic Indian ocean and upcoming Port City. Completing the Colombo city collection is the first of its kind in South Asia, Cinnamon Red Colombo. Walking distance to shopping centers, historical sites and nightlife precincts of Colombo, this pioneering addition to the Cinnamon Colombo Hotel collection embodies the ‘Lean Luxury’ concept. Inspired by the arts and modern design, panoramas of Colombo’s cityscape and of course the innovative food and beverage options within the property, Cinnamon Red is the popular choice for urbanites and tech enthused travelers.

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