Encompassing pure decadence in offering the finest array of furniture one can aspire to own, uplifting both your home and spirit, Natuzzi Italia is the premier choice for discerning interior design aficionados.  

Say hello to one of Natuzzi’s more popular offerings from the sofa category, the Surround sofa; designed in a contemporary style, Natuzzi Surround combines high-tech features and extreme comfort with it being especially pleasing to music lovers as it includes an audio kit that can be optionally integrated into the sofa. 

The audio kit offers a highly relaxing multi-sensory experience thanks to the Mp3 docking station installed in the corner section of the sofa that can be remotely controlled via Bluetooth, USB, AUX, and Apple iOs. It also features micro holes for the audio system volume to carry through to create a truly immersive experience, be it listening to music or watching movies.  

Natuzzi Surround also features many decorative details, such as the exposed stitching on the seat and backrest cushions or the headrests that can be adjusted to provide the desired comfort levels. 

Eager customers will be happy to know that Natuzzi Surround is available in in-line or corner configuration versions to meet any space-related need as well, e.g. The modular version includes a cushion for sitting in the corner section. 

Talk to our furniture stylists today on 0115 555 806 or visit the Natuzzi Showroom at 175, New Buller’s Road, Colombo 04 to identify which version works best for your home and be one step closer to luxurious comfort with a multitude of payment options and offers with up to 20% off and 60 months 0% interest on leading credit cards.