Q. How did the pandemic affect the Marketing & Communication strategies of the company?

The pandemic has radically shifted consumer needs, habits, and expectations where people tend to seek more personalized but affordable insurance solutions. Even with the pandemic situation people still expect a human touch when taking a lifetime decision like insurance. Hence insurers must have the right balance between humans and technology to provide a seamless insurance experience. 

SANASA LIfe has been a people’s brand from its inception where we focus more on delivering personalized insurance solutions for people who don’t have ordinary privileges and access. With a strong client network backed by the prestigious SANASA movement, Our primary objective is to cater to those negligent markets. 

Introducing online and digital insurance solutions for those customer segments was the biggest challenge we faced during the pandemic. Limited access to infrastructure facilities and the unfavourable perception towards digitalization are the key issues that currently we are addressing in terms of communication and distribution.

In the coming year, there is likely to be much higher demand than in the past for certain types of insurance solutions. We will be aggressively reviewing our channel strategy approaches in order to serve this demand. We will take a continuous effort to raise awareness on Insurance and to familiarize digital insurance solutions to our customers through a range of marketing initiatives.