Q. What makes SANASA Life Insurance an employer brand and preferred employer?

When we think of being an employer brand & preferred employer, we often consider perks, benefits, working conditions & flexibility a job has to offer. Although these are important factors, one also should consider work life balance, investing in employees and encouraging them to pursue their professional & personal aspirations.

However, for Sanasa Life Insurance Company Limited, being an employer brand & preferred employer is about creating trust-based culture that impacts every employee in the company, which allows them to go beyond and deliver results. There is a direct link between employee satisfaction & customer satisfaction as, employees create happy customers, which is why the Company was awarded the prestigious award for being Best Employee Benefits provider in Sri Lanka.

2020/2021 was a challenging year as the Head of Human Resources of Sanasa Life Insurance Company Limited, as the COVID19 pandemic posed significant employment challenges & disruptions. Despite the global pandemic we were able to reassure the job security of our employees during this challenging period of time.

We understand the importance of creating a great work atmosphere to work with a high level of happy & motivated employees, with a great sense of team spirit. This is why the company provides all the staff members with various welfare benefits apart from the salary & other fringe benefits.

Sanasa Life Insurance Company Limited pledges to be an employer brand which attracts new human capital to develop them for a rewarding & fulfilling career.