Q. How would you describe the quality of the domestic insurance sector’s talent pool?

The quality of the talent pool in the domestic insurance sector is moderate. Quality always depends on the knowledge of the respective agent and the principles of the company.

It can be seen that the majority of those engaged in the local insurance industry are more inclined towards an increased income than to develop knowledge and skills. In the long run, this has become a considerable threat to the insurance industry in terms of reputation.

In that situation, the rate at which quality grows is slower than the rate at which the domestic insurance industry grows quantitatively. Increased policy lapse ratio clearly depicts the impact of these agents of poor quality. As an Industry, With the guidance of our regulatory bodies, We continue to educate and upgrade our workforce to be more developed Qualitatively other than increasing the headcount.

The Departments of Human Resources and Human Resource Development is working closely with the sales department to identify the necessary training requirements in our workforce. It is commendable that Sanasa Life has allocated a systematic methodology and adequate budget for its employees’ professional development.