A proud alumnus of Nalanda College, Indika Kiriwandeniya; CEO of SANASA Life Insurance Company PLC, commenced his career as an office assistant at SANASA Insurance as it was known as a brokering company at the time. Possessing a career of over two decades at the company, Indika was appointed as the CEO respectfully taking into account his hard work, commitment, and collaboration marking his legacy in the sector. Internationally exposed to relationships with organizations and foreign diplomats, he has played a vital role in contributing to knowledge empowering programs and initiating innovations to the Insurance industry.

Moving to the UK in 2007 to complete his higher studies gave him a break from work for a few years. But after his return to Mother Lanka, there were huge operations that needed to be conducted with minimum labour force to overcome provocations. Starting with only just 20 employees, the company now has a whopping total of 600 employees in both Life & General Insurance. Working his way from the bottom to the top of success at SANASA Life Insurance, Indika was fully aware of all operations in and out of the organization, which assisted him in pursuing many challenges and creating opportunities. 

Q. What plans do you have for the year 2022?

With the prevailing global pandemic, we are facing a complex risk landscape that leads us toward diverse and complex risk factors. At the same time, it has presented new opportunities and avenues for us to provide insurance solutions to mitigate those risks as well. In order to confront these challenges as an industry, every insurer has to step out of their comfort zone and take a holistic approach to broaden their horizons.

The coming year will be crucial for us in terms of implementing a more digitized experience for our customers. We’ll continue to encourage remote working concepts for our employees to ensure their health and safety while providing uninterrupted service for our clients. Innovative and personalized product offerings are being developed to cater to the dynamic demand. Smart Agents and E-Selling concepts will be introduced to strengthen our distribution process.

2022 will be a game-changing year for us and I invite all our stakeholders to join hands with us to a successful year ahead. We will continue to provide protection for the underserved and neglected consumer base no matter how severe the situation is.