Q. What is your game plan for SANASA Societies in the coming years?

SANASA Societies can be named as the key strength of our business model as we are committed to catering to grassroots-level customers mostly in rural areas. There are around 8400 primary SANASA Societies registered in Sri Lanka.

SANASA Societies and other Cooperative societies mainly focus on providing the best available solutions for their members, Thus, dealing with those market segments has become more and more competitive day by day. At SLICL, we believe that it is our utmost responsibility to provide a better service for our Society members as that is where SANASA Life emerged. Keeping that in mind, We are continuously working towards developing societies and uplifting the living standards of their members.

Coming years will be challenging as we are planning to digitize most of the core business functions of the organization. State of the art software solutions will be introduced to SANASA Societies which will enable both parties to continue operations in a virtual environment. This will provide societies with access to functions ranging from prospecting to claim intimation virtually at their own pace. We believe this digitalization process will attract the young generation to SANASA Societies and ultimately change the stakeholder perception towards the cooperative society business model.