Theva Residency Kandy sets the standard for remarkable hotels with spectacular, flourishing views of the surrounding mountains and city, inspiring magnificent grandeur and royal glamour from an era of the ancient kingdom’s kings and queens. The Theva Residency offers guests a unique, regal treatment high in the Hantana Mountains. If you’re interested in learning more about Theva Residency, read on! This is about who they are and how they seek to serve as a sought-after honeymoon hotel in Sri Lanka to the best of their capacity.

Every accommodation at Theva Residency has a spectacular view of the mountaintop, which is spread across 19 acres of lush flora. Guests are also welcome to saunter through their beautiful garden, which is loaded with a variety of stunning blossoms. If you look to one side, you’ll notice an enchanting lake surrounded by footpaths that you can explore if you decide to go on an adventurous hike. A Campsite is located across the lake and is ideal for nature enthusiasts. A visit to the two on-site waterfalls will prove to be an additional wonderful experience for those who plan on having a leisurely walk or a refreshing cycle tour.

The passion on their staff’s faces as they serve guests with a big, welcoming smile stems from the Sri Lankan trait of hospitality that all residents share. Theva Residency’s top objective is to make sure that all of their guests get the luxury and peace of mind that the Kandy highlands are known for. The members of the team can advise guests when it comes to visiting the surrounding area and learning about the local culture because they are well-versed in the area and are nature specialists.

Their crew also focuses on the vital aspects that assist make special events and occasions a success when it comes to planning them. Simply leave it to their personnel to take care of everything as you relax and enjoy the true Sri Lankan hospitality and kindness.

Some of the nicest aspects of Sri Lanka may be found in Kandy’s hills, which is incentive enough to stay at Theva Residency. They offer some of the best services and activities to guarantee that your stay is delightful, whether it’s a family retreat, a romantic getaway, or even a trip to simply explore nature.

While offering guests a comfortable place to stay, Theva Residency also pays attention to the details that make the experience memorable. They greet guests with a basket of fresh fruits in their rooms and desire to surprise them with food and spa savings. The early check-in and late check-out choices, as well as accommodation upgrades and complimentary stays, will undoubtedly appeal to guests.

With the ongoing global crisis, the hotel has been compelled to reconsider how it defines and interprets luxury. As a result, Theva Residency has taken the necessary steps to rethink its concept in light of current events and how they can operate in sync with nature to provide guests with a rejuvenating and meaningful experience. They’ll be focused on mental, physical, and emotional well-being by providing a mind, body, and soul-refreshing experience.