Turning Passion into Profession, with Style – Dulkith Hettiarachchi, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Design Interiors

Dulkith Hettiarachchi, the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner of Design Interiors is an ex-banker with over 15 years of experience in the financial industry, both locally and internationally. 

In 2015, in the middle of his career as a banker, he made the bold decision to radically change his path and follow his childhood passion of becoming a full-time photographer. His decision paid off as he managed to very quickly establish himself in his new profession, gaining recognition in multiple categories in the field that includes weddings, commercial shoots, architecture, and fashion. He stated, “Do enough research to find what you are passionate about and master it until you become the best” 

On his journey as a photographer, Dulkith fell in love with interior design, and began to research more on the subject, which led him to start Design Interiors to create beautiful spaces that inspire clients, guided by the motto, “We create your space, your way”. 

When asked what the vital ingredients are in becoming a successful entrepreneur, Dulkith said that having the right attitude is everything. It is also important to commit to your work, be willing to spare extra hours, and go that extra mile if you want success to knock on your door, but you must also have a plan and a strategy. Dulkith went on to say that self-belief and perseverance are essential as you need to stay strong during trying times and have the belief that you will accomplish your goals irrespective of the challenges that come your way.  

The final vital ingredient of being a successful entrepreneur according to Dulkith is stress management – managing your own business could be quite stressful, especially during the early stages of the business. It is essential that you maintain a work-life balance and try and understand how to manage your time and energy. According to Dulkith, the journey of an entrepreneur is tougher than it seems, but these critical ingredients will make you resilient on your journey. 

Speaking about Design Interiors and the services they offer, Dulkith mentioned that they provide fully customized creative interior solutions and consultancy services for residential and commercial projects. They have a selection of unique and innovative furniture designs and hand-picked interior decor that are tailored to their client’s specific needs, and they utilize 3D visualization to give their clients maximum visibility on what the end project would look like. Design Interiors also works with turn-key renovation projects that work with civil construction and landscaping solutions. 

Design Interiors bases its design decisions on the type of space, the purpose of that space, the objective of the project, the customers’ profile and style, and their budget and timeline. Dulkith was proud to say that Design Interiors provides innovative, creative, cutting-edge, and fully customized solutions. They value excellent and flexible customer service and strive to source the highest quality raw materials, which is why they are confident in their quality assurance. 

The pandemic has been one of the most challenging hurdles for the global business community, and Dulkith was clear that real estate and other industries related to interior design are hugely impacted. It was critical that they became fiscally prudent and managed their costs effectively. Additionally, Design Interiors decentralized their operations and maximized their IT resources to stay ahead of the drive. However, he said that these adverse circumstances made his team think of smarter, more innovative ways which opened new doors and opportunities in this new “normal”.  

Looking back at the journey, Dulkith said that they have been extremely successful and impactful in the residential interior business, and are excited for what lies ahead. Looking to the future, Dulkith is confident that Design Interiors is capable of regaining its composure in the aftermath of this pandemic and stated that Design Interiors plans to further penetrate market spaces such as retail and commercial interior design, and plan to go beyond the local market and tap into regional international markets.

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