Trump vows to take election fight to Supreme Court

President Trump early Wednesday said he was going to the Supreme Court to block potential voter fraud during the delayed tally of the election.

Mr. Trump questioned how he could be leading by huge margins in states such as Georgia, North Carolina and Michigan when suddenly the vote tabulation was halted.

“This is a fraud on the American public. This is an embarrassment to our country,” he said.

“We were getting ready to win this election and, frankly, we did with this.”

Mr. Trump made the remarks to supporters in the East Room of the White House at about 2 a.m. EST.

He warned that Democrats had been planning to rig the election for months and that new ballots would begin turning up in battlegrounds such as Pennsylvania.

The increased use of mail-in ballots due to the coronavirus pandemic was expected to slow the vote counting, with Pennsylvania and North Carolina fighting in court to allow the ballots to be counted for several days after the Tuesday election.

– The Washington Times

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