Triumphing Beyond the Glass Ceilings – the Founder of Apé & Obé, Himali De Silva

Residing at the epitome of everything good about femineity and individualism, Himali De Silva, Founder of Apé & Obé, has managed to create a network that truly delivers on the name of her founding organizations. Apé, which means “ours,” and Obé, which means “yours,” along with the connotation “mage + obe = ape” (bring mine and yours together to make ours), have truly elevated the elucidation of branding within a corporate structure to a new meaningful level. Himali has managed to weave a robust trellis that allows her to cater to the community in an effective and sustainable style while expanding and operating in tandem with personal branding by weaving a network of genuine entrepreneurship and service.

With a stirring 15+ years of corporate experience, the founder embarked on a journey to discover the newly innovated concept of Apé with the goal of establishing herself as a social entrepreneur and activist, delivering to uphold sustainability through conscious product supply and circulation.

“Apé stands as a brand dedicated to raising awareness of circular consumption and leading the creation of a preloved ecosystem in Sri Lanka.”

With the phenomenal recognition the brand gained for its motive and awareness-centred approach to branding, the establishment swiftly moved on to an elite corporate level, catering to many customers while gardening widespread brand awareness and recognition. The ventures received global recognition and noteworthy media attention towards their efforts. The extensive level of victorious performance of Apéled to the establishment of Obé, where the competence of Himali was recognized as the demands of business founders and start-up owners wanted to establish and approach a sustainable, long-lasting brand awareness for their businesses.

“My efforts were noticed by other business owners who started reaching out to me for my advice and help to create, build, and grow their brands. Thus, I launched my second startup, Obé-Obé–Magén Obata, which translates to ‘Yours’—‘From me to you, to share her reservoir of diverse experiences, knowledge, and insights to help other businesses owners build their business and personal brands. “

Obé’s concept is to drop-ship targeted, uniquely catered solutions for brands that allow them to indulge and identify themselves in a unique ground of personal-professional recognition by offering one-on-one consulting and mentoring, group workshops, booklets, and more using traditional and newer forms of technology platforms.

With Himali’s adorning experience with handling global brands of unique establishments, she caters to creating a well-rounded program that seamlessly networks the brand process. Himali is potentially identified as the only Sri Lankan woman who has worked for two out of four prominently recognized consulting firms across three continents, during which she also got the opportunity to consult on projects for a range of well-known brand name clients. She has worked across 3 Continents and thus has experience working in all 3 diverse market segments.

 “When I embarked upon my solopreneur journey, I was already equipped with all the educational and work experience required, thus the ability to create and build my own brand names was a natural, organic process.”

In addition to her impressive professional portfolio, Himali also holds academic excellence that compliments her diverse and high-calibre professional experience. After reading for her bachelor’s in Business and Commerce (Monash University), she was awarded the country’s prize for Marketing Communications (CIM) that consecutively led her to obtain a Master’s of Science (MSc) in Finance & Financial Law (S.O.A.S. university), an MBA Essentials from the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE), U.K.  and a Diploma in Strategy from Miami Ad School. To round out her academic career with excellent progression and performance, she also became a part of the world-renowned Creative Chris Do’s Futur Pro Group, while also holding professional qualifications as a certified Prince2 Practitioner, Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI, UK) Level 2 and British Computer Society (BCS)-Business Analysis & Systems Development.

Her impressive spread of academic and professional qualifications is put into actionable and productive use by her as she embarks on incorporating a balanced approach to branding with the new and old concepts of branding. In an ever-progressing world of corporate and customer culture, it is expected that brands adapt and cater to revolutions, trends, and changes, whether they are minor or major.

“Times are rapidly evolving, & it is upon us to be aware, see the trends unfolding and adapt quickly to ensure we survive in this ‘new normal world’, that is unfolding around us. How I see it is that to not embrace change and resist versus embracing it, is akin to taking steps backwards; when forward movement, even if the step is small, is what is required to grow and thrive. “

With a mindset that she grew up with, creating equal opportunity for everyone, Himali embraces the new age changes that amplify a range of opportunities that are made available without any restrictions, especially on matters of gender discrimination. In a new world progressing towards a place where the substance of quality is given standard importance over superficial norms, Himali pioneers as a woman who created and established a true change in culture, in both corporate and gender-biased agendas. This change she strived to create as an individual is where the true essence of her success lies.

“Times are changing. The rise of remote working, technological advancements, and social media has flattened the world. Along with this comes the necessity to build your personal brand. If you want to increase your visibility as an individual and what you bring to the table to increase your opportunities, then growing your personal brand, alongside that of your company is essential. People trust and believe in people, and due to the increasingly remote world, we feel more connected when there is a face and name we can connect with to a company and its leadership. “

Himali continues to grow in a constructive and progressive manner as she welcomes and overcomes the latest changes and hurdles. Adapting to the new world where bounds of restriction are based on the mindset of an individual, Himali moves on to inspire and aspire as a unique brand of elite essence and as an individual that caters to serving the many around her as her own, with the essential thought of balancing communion between Apé and Obé truly serving the others from the qualities within herself.

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