Christina Alphonsus – Head of Marketing of Silvacos, Sothys Sri Lanka and The Estheti Centre, and the Manager of Group Marketing and Special Projects at Tea Tang.

Having been a part of the Beauty industry for a few years now, Christina Alphonsus, who heads the Marketing at Silvacos (Pvt) Ltd and manages special projects for Tea Tang (Pvt) Ltd, has enjoyed a most adventurous career journey. Throughout her years in the industry, especially at Silvacos, Christina has learned the importance of self-maintenance and taking care of one’s skin and she is a firm believer in putting in just as much work on being beautiful on the inside as the outside.

According to Christina, the three major fashion faux pas a professional woman can commit are – 

Un-ironed clothes – “Your clothes don’t need to be brand new or from a top designer, but they need to be neat. It shows that you’ve made an effort to present yourself well and that goes a long way.”

Wearing clothes that don’t fit right – “Whether you’re a size 0 or 22, buy clothes that fit you. There is nothing more unflattering than clothes that are either too loose or too tight.” 

Focusing too much on fashion instead of style – “There are a lot of great trends out there, but as clichéd as it sounds there’s nothing as classic as a snug pair of jeans, a crisp white shirt with rolled up sleeves, killer heels and red lips!”

Speaking about the main points of self-maintenance, a woman, especially a professional one should adhere to, Christina said, after admitting that she herself was a work in progress, “These are the ones that I feel are important. In my opinion reading is a must, nothing will expand your horizons and get your mind working like a good book will. A good skin care routine is essential, and most important of all, be sure to take care of the simple stuff like personal hygiene and getting a good night’s sleep.”

“They say that you know you’ve got too much makeup on when your makeup is wearing you and not the other way around and I totally agree. I also think the biggest reason makeup looks “too much” is when your foundation colour and your skin colour are living on 2 different continents”, replied Christina, when asked how much makeup is too much makeup. 

In Christina’s opinion the hair and skin care requirements of a female professional do not differ from those of any other. “Taking care of the basics is something that should be important to all of us. I really think taking care of or paying some extra attention to your wellbeing is a requirement for life in general, and has nothing to do with age, career choice or gender for that matter. I really think making that extra effort toward healthy hair and skin is really necessary because it’s your subtle way of reminding yourself that you’re important to YOU!!” On the means by which Silvacos caters to the maintenance needs of professional women, Christina said, “Well, Silvacos has 2 main aspects. From a product point of view we are the sole agents for Sothys (among other brands) in Sri Lanka and the Maldives, while from a service point of view, we have our own Estheti Centre’ where we offer skin care, hair care and grooming services, and the Infinity Derma Institute where we offer high tech machine treatments for skin and body. So basically, it’s almost everything you could possibly need in terms of self-maintenance and grooming under one roof.”