Thriving in the Concrete Jungle – Shahan Saheed

An interior architect thriving in the modern global village, Shahan Saheed prominently has influenced the industry with his uniquely distinctive approach to the field. Rooted in Sri Lanka and currently living in Singapore, he is attached to 932 Design, an award-winning design consultancy firm in the Lion City with branches across South East Asia. Before moving to Singapore, Saheed worked with Architect Damith De Silva and a-designstudio. His deep embedded love for art and creativity was established on a professional ground at first, with completing his degree in interior architecture in 2016. Soon to follow up with several national and international projects, which now converts to be closer to a decade of experience in the field. 

Saheed, a man of few words equipped with an enthusiastically impactful and creative mind, appreciates the humble beginnings that brought forth the eventual opportunities to work alongside and collaborate with international designers. The setting of Singapore, the famous concrete jungle, played a considerable role in his career from the point of inspiration to practical exposure that, in due course, even opened up doors to gain experience in construction. The mixture of advanced technology and timeless urbanity of the setting sparked initial creativity and imagination in him. 

The unique addition of perpetual creative intelligence mixed with the highflier personality stood in advantage and helped attain a place as a finalist in the prestigious reinventing home kitchen design contest; 2016 Mia Cucina (Kitchens by Towngas). Thus, what started as a burning passion of hobby boomed into a flame of a creative visionary career as he embarked further in his career through the support of solid mentorship and sturdy acquisition of skill. 

Saheed’s exclusive identity is integrated into his work of art. The concept of “minimal architecture and interior with a pure combination of functionality, aesthetics and individuality” flourishes as a philosophy of approach. The aim of communicating a sense of calmness through clean lines, balanced proportions and the use of natural materials remains essential to his designing process. His approach to projects ensures four aspects, the fulfilment of client’s needs; necessary form and functionality; simplistic minimal aesthetic; and potential adaptability to lifestyle changes. The solid solitary perspective ensures both eternal elegance and unceasing serviceability to his clients. 

Setting trends rather than following, Saheed aims to produce functional finesse through interior design entrenched with “simple luxury.” 

While firmly believing in preserving the traditional methods of application in the field, the new line of virtual opportunities is embraced by Saheed as the world re-structures under the post-pandemic influence. Thus, the survival of the new world is adopted with the aspiration of new and improved opportunities that replaces physical presence with virtual presence providing an open door to consultations with experts worldwide. 

Saheed’s most significant challenge is creating a unique individuality in the scope of his field while also creating works of originality that stand alongside the challenges of the changing world. He is backed with a solid frame of self-motivation and self-belief. Thus, the challenges of his career are tackled with his persistence to expand his horizons and his ability to assess and analyze himself. As stated by a leading philosopher, Swami Vivekananda, “Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life. Think of it, dream of it, and live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.” Saheed escorts the total living and breathing of his artform to survive all obstacles and thrive with excellence.

His leading projects of “GH HOTEL” and “RESIDENCE” stands exemplary, illustrating brilliance that could be added to the complete structure by excellent intramural factors. The GH Hotel lobby stands complemented with large windows, dark-hued flooring, orderly white stone walls and mirror ceiling, creating an oriental yet relaxing atmosphere. In addition, the RESIDENCE props modern interior graced with simple elegance detailed to facilitate expansive views and optimize natural lighting with the use of white walls and wood tones. The projects instantiate the philosophy of minimalism, which Saheed swears by, carefully integrating and harmonizing factors of eternal elegance to fit the individual needs of the zone. The GH Hotel radiates that the hospitality experience doesn’t start after entering the hotel but before arriving. RESIDENCE emphasizes the beauty of “White + wood colour, the healing system is simple and elegant!”

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