Threads is looking into adding an alternative home feed, of only posts, in chronological order, from the people each individual user follows, according to Instagram boss Adam Mosseri.

It currently shows a mix of recommended content and posts from those followed.

Threads was billed as an “initial version” at launch and the company has signalled more features are to come.

But a planned system to make Threads compatible with some other apps, such as Mastodon, has met with resistance.

Instagram, which is owned by Meta, built the Threads app.

Mr Mosseri posted the alternative home feed for Threads was “on the list” – a suggestion owner Mark Zuckerberg had given a “thumbs up”, after a number of users expressed frustration at not being offered a feed of posts from people they followed, in the order in which they were posted.

Other features “on the list”, according the Instagram supremo, include:

  • an ability to edit posts
  • translation into different languages
  • making it easy to switch between different Threads accounts

While it is possible to view Threads on the web, via, there is no desktop interface – posts can be made only via the app – and that too was something the company was “working on”, according to Mr Mosseri.

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