You began your career at Atlas Axillia as a marketing executive and today you’re heading the MarTech vertical. What is MarTech and why is this important for the company?

Firstly, I believe we may be one of the first FMCG companies in Sri Lanka to initiate it as a vertical to drive digital transformation and MarTech.

As an organization, we recognize that the way consumers are interacting with brands is changing. They are no longer interacting with products as simply 3-dimensional objects, but as total experiences, akin to a service. As such we believe that having omnichannel interactions, that enable us to better understand the consumers and offer personalized-always on experiences creates a world of difference in creating brand love.

We ask ourselves questions such as what type of tech solutions will help the consumers engage with us better, help create a digital connection for our physical products, and how we can enhance the educational experience via technology. The answers to these questions are what are at the heart of the transformation of Atlas Axillia in my view.

Wrap up

Atlas Axillia, born as the Ceylon Pencil Company, is today building brands and leaders to take a Sri Lankan legacy to the world – and we wish them the very best in their endeavours.

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