You have been with Atlas Axillia for over a decade. What’s the transformation that you have experienced?

I joined the company as a young executive, and today I lead the Sri Lanka business. During this time, I have truly witnessed the growth and great transformation of both the company and the brands.

Our brands today are about delivering meaning to consumers than mere products. We have transformed from a one-brand [Atlas] company to a multi-brand company. And we have done so by developing brand and product philosophies that are entrenched in the educational and aspirational needs of the next generation. We also innovate with a key understanding of how each product facilitates this journey, and today we celebrate ‘design’ as a way of connecting to our consumers better.

In my entire career, I have seen the brand’s presence expand from Sri Lanka to Bangladesh to Pakistan and even building brands today in markets like Dubai, which would have been unthinkable 5 years ago for a local company like us.

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