‘Teach your daughters to worry less, about fitting into glass slippers, and more about shattering glass ceilings’ the strong woman that we had the pleasure of meeting, shared one of her favourite quotes with us. Even though we are all born into families, not everyone is fortunate enough to experience the warmth, love, and unconditional support that comes with them. Dheeshana Ameresekere, the Managing Director of Theva Residency in that event, is one of the most fortunate of us. She begins her lively narrative of accomplishment by reminiscing upon her family’s incredible support in allowing her to pursue her aspirations. She considers this to be the most important aspect of her success since it has enabled her to achieve the peaks she dared to dream of. “The continued support by my parents and siblings has been a tremendous strength and blessing, which has played a pivotal role in my success in running the hotel. Other than my immediate family, I truly appreciate the support extended to me by friends and colleagues who have stood by me on my life journey to give me encouragement to make Theva Residency what it is today. ” She put her gratitude into words. That guidance has shaped her into an amazing leader today, who is heading a team of brilliant and innovative minds. There is truly no potential in a leader unless there is a team that accepts her leadership. Dheeshana, being the uncanny human being she is, wins hearts wherever she goes, being a kind hearted and understanding figurehead for all her employees. Understanding the swift corporation put through by the team and the effect it has on the overall smooth sailing of Theva Residencys’ proceedings, Dheeshana is ever so beholden and is an appreciative guiding light. “Success for me is not measured by the recognition of the individual, but it is always a Team success and I am proud to say Theva Team is successful because of our faith and trust in each other and standing together through the worst of times. Also I believe it is about having something you believe in and using it to inspire others to want to be the best they can be whilst creating the environment for them to do so – individually but more importantly, together”, stated the protagonist, confidently.
Despite the prevalent assumption that women in the business sector are typically mistreated and neglected, Dheeshana seeks to make leadership a non-gender-biased ideal. To her, being a leader entails possessing exceptional human traits. Honourable and genuine qualities, so that others may look up to you and follow your advice without reservations or condemnation. According to Dheeshana, such leaders are in the making of those who are generally in the practice of adhering to humanity. “The foundation to good leadership must be based on compassion, kindness, empathy, support and communication”, she says. It is her belief that every leader is one that needs to lead with their heart as much as with their mind, understanding and complying with the various struggles of their employees. On top of that, she highlights other attributes that are important when it comes to being the one guiding the team. “You must be true to yourself. Being honest and sharing your own story is an amazing way to influence others around you. Learn to be you, be brave and be bold,” added Dheeshana, leaving with us a glimpse of what made her the virtuous individual that she is today, widely loved and celebrated. She encourages everyone to maintain their boldness and never doubt their own abilities. Her unwavering faith in the cosmos to always have her back infuses her view of adversity as a series of obstacles that serve simply to reroute one’s luck in a different direction. We never stop learning, and education has no end. Even if you think you know a great deal already, you may learn a few new abilities tomorrow. The protagonist’s humble demeanour, as well as her readiness to learn from everyone, is a habit she encourages others to embrace. This practice not only improves empathetic qualities, but it also broadens one’s knowledge on a regular basis. She feels that anybody in the workplace has a viable solution that can help enhance the evaluation system and turn a situation around. She encourages debate and encourages fresh ideas as a good leader, creating a comfortable environment for her colleagues to express their innovative thoughts.
Dheeshana catches us up on the soulful abilities of women, who are undeniably capable of transforming mindsets and adding value to their purpose. She put a woman’s wonderful impact on anyone that encounters them into words. “Women have the ability to be more of a coach, mentor and a guide in leadership. Women are nurtured by nature and thereby able to practice more of a compassionate and empathetic leadership style.” A society that was formerly ruled by patriarchy is now progressively advancing toward a more equalised life, where women’s distinctive leadership skills are lauded. Everyone who follows a wise leader is blessed, and Dheeshanas employees are reaping the benefits of that wisdom. “I believe kindness and compassion are the most powerful tool for women to follow in leading an organisation. The new world of leadership is about kindness, compassion, authenticity, collaboration, trust, and humility, and being a leader people choose to follow. “
Even while the heroine is ecstatic to see women rise to positions of power, she feels it is still a ‘work in progress.’ A woman’s requirements vary throughout time, and she must adapt in order to thrive. “I believe when one is in a position of leadership, it is their duty to teach, guide, and always strive to be a mentor to women. Collaborating with women to help each other develop a strong female voice in business environments is needed.”, Dheeshana shared. Women that don’t hesitate to support each other are among her favourites. Dheeshana, being a shining icon of the industry, encourages women to make a change and leave an irreplaceable impact whenever they are offered the opportunity. There is power in authenticity and being a good listener with incredible attention to detail, since ‘Leadership is about contribution and making a difference in someone else’s life’. This proud woman intends to leave a lasting legacy for future generations of women, and she begins by mentoring the strong women in her own organisation.
“Remember, behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back. When women support each other, incredible and wonderful achievements can happen! ” concluded Dheeshana, shining with the strength of pure humanity, her unselfish goodness, and her ever-evolving essence of love and laughter.