The Timeless Artistry of Finez Capital Ventures – the CEO of FINEZ Capital Ventures, Dhanushka Fernando

Progressively moving forward with new developments while preserving the essence of tradition, Dhanushka Fernando, the CEO of FINEZ CAPITAL VENTURES, firmly upholds the value and skill of blending the new and old elements of the industry to create contemporary and ergonomic products that will keep the industry moving forward. Dhanushka embodies the personality of a true leader, with his passion for creativity and laser-like focus, he hopes to develop the company with positive effects on the industry and society at large, while also looking forward to streaking the Sri Lankan furniture industry as a unique and reliable upshot on the global map someday.

With his educational background from S. Thomas’ College Mt. Lavinia, and with his first degree specializing in Information Technology, Dhanushka set a foundation for his evolving personality while he explored the passion he had for serving the community. This is the passion that led him to be involved in working for the Sri Lankan Red Cross & International Federation of Red Cross for a period of 3 years, where he was exposed to community upliftment projects, communications and public relations, that sparked a special interest in him. Being involved with an organizational structure that was focused on uplifting and the development of the communities made him realize, at a young age, that the true essence of fulfilment lies in giving back to the community while progressing forward irrespective of any challenge that life puts forward.

Dhanushka’s experience as an employee sets the foundation for the essence he carries as a capable leader. Following his experience at the International Federation of Red Cross, he worked as the head of marketing at an international digital marketing agency, where he gained well-rounded qualifications and exposure into the domains of marketing and management. The opportunity to work with both local and international clients, as well as hands-on experience gained in advertising, communications, and digital marketing, is noteworthy because he was later able to incorporate the skills he gained through this exposure to provide FINEZ with its prominent market presence.

The entrepreneurial thirst Dhanushka had from a very early stage and his willingness to take up challenges and power through hard times, soon motivated him to start his own advertising, marketing, and communications firm that later fueled the development of FINEZ CAPITAL VENTURES. Along with the domain knowledge in furniture retailing and exposure to digital media and how to incorporate it into upholding the true essence and service a company has to provide for its clients set a benchmark in the furniture industry.

Coming from Moratuwa and having a generational touch in the furniture industry, Dhanushka’s entrepreneurial instincts identified the huge opportunity to provide design-centric quality furniture that fulfilled the vacuum for a comprehensive range of contemporary furniture solutions and interior design services in the country. This observation soon led him to establish a concept store as well as a fully-fledged manufacturing facility for FINEZ that could meet the true demands of the market fairly with the promise of providing reliable, good-quality, novel, and affordable products that, as the company name suggests, provided clients with the finest products.

FINEZ takes great pride in balancing the alchemy of tradition with novel trends and the knowledge Dhanushka brings to the table as its leader. With a special focus on maintaining one of the biggest digital media presences as a furniture retailing company with around 175,000 followers that directly affects sales and growth, and with close to 100 people employed, directly and indirectly, Dhanushka takes great responsibility to attend to uplift the skills as well as livelihoods of his company’s employees. In fact, he takes initiative to form the company environment to be like a family, a progressively impactful environment that focuses on overall as well as individual advancement.

Even with various internal challenges of the industry and other macroeconomic challenges, FINEZ has managed to maintain a smooth operational flow that allowed them to survive the hard times with minimal damage. The planning structure implemented by Dhanushka effectively contributes to the prolongation of the company where long-term and short-term planning and goals are well defined and structured to fit the probabilities and unpredictability of the future as much as possible.

“The brand promise we give to our consumers is very important to us… you get that assurance and guarantee that you are buying something of good quality as well as the product being the finest that you can get… that’s how the name FINEZ is derived”

The speciality of FINEZ sprawls on its clients’ trust, promise, and definite delivery. The network of trust the consumer can rely on, while evidently ensuring conveyance to fulfil their needs, is the key focus of FINEZ. The company has cemented itself on the key principles of upholding authentic quality that is hard to replicate, an outstanding service process that looks into the micro and macro details of the consumer life cycle, a structure that ensures the empowerment of its employees’ livelihood, and the originality of the brand name and the quality associated with it.

With a vision to redefine your space, FINEZ upholds the importance of keeping things authentic and original. FINEZ is also a recipient of the “Asia’s Outstanding Furniture Brand Excellence Award for the year 2020/2021” from the prestigious Asia Awards – Asia’s No.1 Brand Excellence Awards show. With Dhanushka’s expertise and passion for design as a foundation to rely on, FINEZ takes a special interest in manufacturing high-quality novel furniture designs and structures that are affordable. This is a revolutionary concept that marks FINEZ as a consumer-friendly, lifestyle brand and sets it apart from the competition. FINEZ takes great gratification in their ability to provide an elaborate collection of contemporary furniture, homeware products and decorative items that fit the consumer’s needs. This ability is what Dhanushka upholds to improve as a leader and fuel the industry with his domain expertise.

Dhanushka’s instinctive leadership methods have greatly influenced the company’s ability to fluidly adapt to both external and internal changes. He is also an awardee of the “Asia’s Outstanding Entrepreneur Award for the year 2020/2021” from the prestigious Asia Awards – Asia’s No.1 Brand Excellence Awards show.

Focusing on a holistic view, Dhanushka believes that “A CEO should always be future-focused, nimble and power through the challenges.”

While embracing the fact that the furniture industry is not under any imminent threat, even in this day and age, the common challenges are to be met with persistent bravery and smart conditioning. With the help of the relevant authorities, Dhanushka hopes to overcome these new challenges gradually while also hoping to take the Sri Lankan furniture industry to a global level one day.

“We want to look at all homeware items being available within our showroom as well as online under A total home store lifestyle brand concept under FINEZ CAPITAL VENTURES”

With this long-term goal in mind, FINEZ currently hopes to maintain its reputation as a trusted brand while expanding itself to cater to all homeware appliances and needs and identify as a dominant eCommerce player in the homeware market of Sri Lanka, from furniture and interiors to a complete homeware solution provider. FINEZ has expanded to establish FINEZ CAPITAL VENTURES where they identify as a provider of furniture and interiors as their core products, a retailer for established foreign brand products, a well-embedded provider to fulfil diverse interior projects and an investor in SMEs in the hope of growing them and providing them with financial aid while giving them the opportunity to be their supply chain partners. This is the structural redesign where Dhanushka has established FINEZ CAPITAL VENTURES, where the company could be recognized as a one-stop-solution provider with an elaborate collection of furniture, homeware products, and decorative items keeping in line with their promise and legacy of aiming to design and craft products to provide a winning combination of functionality, aesthetics, and comfort.

“Business is a lot about the team; the bond that you build together. In doing business your sole motive should not be about financial gains but more about creating value and leaving a lasting impact on the community and your team so that their livelihoods are enriched…”

For Dhanushka, this vision is fueled by his true need to give back to the community, where he can ensure consumers and his team achieve fulfilment. Even though money is a prominent element, it is Dhanushka’s hope to establish a balance where both profitability and sustainability can co-exist in harmony and establish the FINEZ network to be a truly nurturing and fulfilling provider to homes, not just houses.

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