KayJay Electronics has a long history of leading the herd. Its prosperity has been supported by a strong interest in maintaining customer satisfaction and a focus on  confidence, both of which remain selling arguments to this day. Headed by Mr. Kushal Johnpillai and DGM of Business Development, Mr. Harin Kamaragoda, the KJE team is  driven by young, enthusiastic individuals that are motivated and process driven to achieve  success in this ever-changing business environment.  

KJE strives to provide the best possible security solutions to its clients that are strategically curated to meet customer demands, adhering to the company’s slogan “Visionary Solutions.” Customers’ expectations are satisfied as a result, and client expenditures connected to security charges are reduced in most circumstances. Electronic security technological advancements have given KJE ammo to carry out its mission. The team has been successful in showcasing these solutions not just within the local community, but also on a worldwide level. In the Maldives, KJE has implemented a number of electronic security and safety solutions. Cheval Blanc, Conrad – Hilton, Anantara Hotels & Spas, Finolhu, and Summer Island are among the five-star luxury resort brands that have chosen KJE as their preferred electronic security partner.

The KJE team have aced the art of project management. Owing to the constant training and  skills development, their diverse operation teams are presently installing and maintaining  over 10,000+ cameras to Sri Lanka’s largest FMGC conglomerate. This varied group of clients includes businesses in the banking, production, and tourist industries. KayJay Electronics is a subsidiary of the Kay Jay Group, which has been in business for over 45 years and includes companies in the fields of manpower guarding, cash transit, hospitality, agriculture, and Activated Carbon production.

Innovating the country’s security and surveillance sector, the company has succeeded in establishing and maintaining the importance of high-quality equipment for protection, assets, and data in a stewardship of superiority. KJE presently represents a number of well-known worldwide brands with a wide range of products. Top-of-the-line brands such as Hikvision, Intelli-I,  and BOSCH are amongst the brands that the team mingle with to provide the customers top notch service. The emphasis on security equipment stems from the necessity for increased  security in today’s world, where the occurrences of crimes have gone past boundaries that  we can easily track. Since 2001, KayJay has set industry standards by becoming the first firm to offer monthly leasing choices for security solutions. For corporate clients, the team is committed to delivering 36 or 60 month leasing options, with security payments that are flexible and monthly payments that fit your budget. They are also accessible to assist you with your enquiries, since they have over 17 years in the sector and a staff of technology specialists that are sophisticated in turning their clients’ visions a reality. The team is committed to protecting its clients’ preferences and assets through dependable ingenuity and unwavering faith. KJE has a bright and promising future ahead of it.