Global Vinyl, a family business now run by the second generation, was established in 2001 when the founder identified the need for increased demand for vinyl flooring in Sri Lanka. The holding company Lanka Vinyl Ltd was established in 1982 pertaining almost 40 years in manufacturing synthetic leather and now 20 years in vinyl flooring.

In terms of context, Global Vinyl is now the market leader in the manufacture of vinyl flooring in Sri Lanka, with a vast product variety of vinyl flooring for every price and market. Focusing on the company’s flagship product, the Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), under the G-Floor brand which comes with a 10-year commercial site warranty and is a great alternative to tile while also being more aesthetically charming, since it is waterproof, lightweight, and quick to install while also being cost-effective.

G-Floor Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), a highly acclaimed Global Vinyl product, is an exceptional flooring alternative for Sri Lankans. LVT, or Luxury Vinyl Tile, is a cutting-edge vinyl flooring concept. An affordable luxury alternative to wood, stone, and ceramic tile that have a realistic appearance that is incredibly durable and resistant to daily wear and tear. It has a stain/ scratch-resistant and waterproof surface, making it suitable for any space in your house. LVT is made up of numerous thin layers that keep the flooring flexible while also making it incredibly durable and easy to maintain. The company also exports G Floor LVT to the Maldives where it has a distributor. Furthermore, Global Vinyl holds the largest and widest range of wood and stone designs for Luxury Vinyl Styles in Sri Lanka. Global Vinyl also undertakes installation of the flooring and even floor preparation if necessary.

The Shangri-La Hotel, Commercial Bank, and Durdans Hospital are among the other notable constructions of the G Floor brand. Looking ahead, Global Vinyl hopes to raise vinyl flooring awareness among Sri Lankans and enable them to enjoy superior comfort and feel at a moderate cost. Among the other products of the company, it’s also worth noting that synthetic leather is a product that’s used in a range of industries, including footwear, upholstery, and furniture. Tarpaulin is also used to make outdoor canopies, vehicle covers, tents, camping gear, and even body bags during the global pandemic. In building, a thicker and more flexible form of this is employed as a geomembrane waterproofing layer. Following that, Roofing felt is used as an underlayer for clay tile roofing structures to prevent water leaks and fire hazards, followed by Car matting, which is another popular product used as a waterproofing and easy-to-clean carpet on most vehicles, and finally, PVC Sheeting, which is also popularly used for raincoats and diary covers, among other things.

Global Vinyl has a seasoned team of professionals with a thorough understanding of the industry, as well as a solid technical and marketing infrastructure and local feedback. As part of their commitment to excellence, the brand is meticulously focused on product enhancements to increase the quality of their customers’ products.