The Soulful Grind of Creating Memories – the Founder of Events by Shero, Shero Meezan

“There are many instances when the voice of a woman can change the direction of travel.” Redirecting her energy to drive the many forces of her entrepreneurial outcomes, Shero Meezan, the Founder of Events by Shero has embraced the opportunities she has earned by steering the course of events to build a unique brand. Having had the opportunity to share her thoughts and bring about meaningful change in many forums, Shero looks to establish diversity in a conversation where her organizations can collectively achieve success.

As Shero looks forward to conquering the blend of surprises and challenges her chosen path introduces to her on a daily basis, she also looks forward to seizing the beauty of service and happiness provided to her many clients through her company. For Shero, this empathy and passion stem from the deep love she carries as a true woman of influence.

“Yes, it can be difficult, but with what I do, you have to have passion. The days are long, varied and clients are increasingly demanding, so we have to be resilient but also love what we do. “, she claims.

Deciding that the corporate world was not for her having been part of it, Shero took the initiative to establish herself within a creation of her own that allowed her to explore her true passions and provide outcomes of creativity to her clients. “As an entrepreneur, no two days are the same. Whether it’s running Events by Shero and catering to a variety of desires or thinking of new concepts for Love Drops by Shero spreading joy.” With a creative initiative supporting her entrepreneurial drive, Shero has made a unique impact in her community. For her, this stands as her greatest achievement, as she claims the importance of adding value to the community is a key driver for her purpose. And as one looks to add value, the outdated restrictions should not be a hurdle to one driving dedication and enthusiasm towards fulfilling a goal.

“This industry is all about personal taste, so despite criticism, I always do my best and strive to satisfy my clients with the highest standards. I want to be a role model and be proud of my work. Similarly, this extends to being a woman in business. I think women should not look to compare, as we each have our own strengths and are unique- do what you are passionate about!”

Having established herself as a brand in the events industry for creating remembrances, where the alchemy of creativity and intuition comes into perfect balance, Shero has carved her own benchmark. Shero considers dedication and resilience to be her success mantra, and she clearly puts it to use as she strives to keep climbing and outdoing her last project every day. 

As a leader, Shero embraces her unique vision. The vision that gave birth to three amazingly creative brands and the vision that keeps her motivated and driven. As a woman, this vision comes with qualities of understanding and empathy while she caters to her clients with the best she can offer. “As a leader, resilience and believing in my voice and designs have been my biggest strengths. Women tend to underplay their abilities and vision, but the more you see what is out there, the more you realize the true power of your unique point of view and what you can achieve.” With this concrete thought structure, Shero has successfully struck a perfect balance between creative freedom and financial negotiation, where her clients can always expect more than a fair deal for the best offering and price.

Shero is focused on building a  network of trust as she prepares to take her firm to new heights of innovation and prosperity. The effort and dedication to establish this being tough, especially in a post-pandemic world is an essential part of a business. Leading the company towards this recognition comes with the challenges of persistent hard work and dedication and Shero resiliently looks forward to taking up the challenge with a solid view on hopeful strengthening and success.“To those who want to spring forward, I would say; Don’t play the victim; lead the pack; be a wolf and own it!”

As times grow into a more progressive structure, society is looking to embrace the diversity offered by the amalgam of genders, contributing to the development of the community. Creating a solid support system within this diversity comes in as an essential priority to sustain this progress.“Having worked hard on my own business, I understand what it takes and when I see women who are looking to do the same, I want to see them succeed so that together we can shift toxic patriarchal behaviour and negative ways of thinking.”, she says.  This comes in as a non-compromising deal as she looks into the future as a female leader to establish the progress into a solid ground of support where anyone can stand on to develop themselves as individuals with value.

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