Shanil Perera is the Marketing Director at Singer (Sri Lanka) PLC; A graduate from the University of Adelaide, Shanil has over 15 years of experience working in Sri Lanka and Singapore for local and multinational FMCG, Apparel, and Consumer Durable companies. A team advocate and brand catalyst, Shanil is all about marketing, brand building, and leadership. SINGER is a company that has been around since 1877 and is infamous for launching the household staple – Singer sewing machine. Since then, Singer PLC has expanded to cater to consumers across the board and is renowned for its diverse selection of high-quality, local, and international products.

One segment that remained untouched by this nostalgic company is the “retro” segment in consumer durables, and SWAN is the perfect fit for this gap. SWAN is an iconic British brand and the latest addition to the SINGER portfolio of products to enter the Sri Lankan market. Renowned for its vintage designs and premium, build-to-last quality. SWAN is a legacy brand in the British market, with a history dating back to the 1920s. They produce a wide range of high-quality and durable electrical and home appliances and are appreciated by their patrons, not only for their high standard in product quality, but also for the aesthetic sensibility of the product design, and of course, its retro appeal.

Nostalgia is a selling point and vintage designs have the capacity to invoke dated, and often fond memories. Home appliances are products that consumers interact with daily, and their emotional appeal matters – SWAN understands and caters to this perfectly. This is why customers gravitate towards SWAN products, and why they have been so successful over the years; they seamlessly amalgamated modern and traditional in a host of appealing colors, and the success of their approach is evident by the continuously growing loyal customer base across the world. SWAN has ventured into 11 countries, including Sri Lanka – the first in the South Asian region.

SINGER is proud to be the authorized dealer and distributor in Sri Lanka for over 50 global brands. Their portfolio comprises multinational brands such as Apple, Acer, ASUS, Beko, Canon, Dell, Kenwood, Huawei, Hitachi, John Deere, Panasonic, Philips, Moulinex, Samsung, Sisil, Sony, Sharp, Tefal, and Whirlpool to name a few. With over 430 outlets and over 500 distribution points across the island, SINGER is undoubtedly a household name in Sri Lanka. It came as no surprise that SWAN chose SINGER as its trusted partner to venture into the Sri Lankan market, and the South Asian region. SWAN’s retro range appeals to a broad bracket that includes the younger generation of consumers who are looking for a stylish edge when making purchasing decisions. It goes without saying that SWAN attracts C-suite executives and professionals, but really, they attract anyone who can appreciate the touch of nostalgia and the purpose of design.

Shanil is confident that SINGER, as the sole organized consumer durables retailer in the country,  offers high-end electrical and home appliances in vintage – retro designs, and has the framework to grow this segment with complete and thorough after-sales services. In addition to being the No.1 consumer durables name in the Sri Lankan market, SINGER synergizes with SWAN in other capacities that include eCommerce sales. It is noteworthy that SINGER’s growing digital presence is prime to collaborate with SWAN’s robust online business model.

SWAN’s appliances are available exclusively at Singer Mega Showrooms, can be purchased via Singer’s official website ( and can be delivered to any part of the country. The SWAN product range includes kettles, toasters, microwaves, ovens, egg poaches, coffee brewers, cookware, pedestal fans, and steam stations. The product range will be extended in the near future, to include dishwashers, mini-refrigerators, wine chillers, bread holders, and cereal dispensers.

Increasingly, consumers seek to make a statement with every purchase they make. Purchases are intentional and SWAN not only appreciates this as a brand, but they serve this framework of thinking. With a host of pastel shades – SWAN has designs that not only call back to the past but will also fit in seamlessly with any modern interior design. SWAN’s patrons understand that quality has no timeline; anyone who appreciates vintage artistry, retro music, or just good style – will appreciate and seek SWAN.