Dilushi Mendis, the Managing Director at DM Interior Studios, is a professional Chartered Architect who specializes in Interior Design. She is passionate about designing one-of-a-kind interior spaces that reflect her clients’ imaginations. Interior design, whether residential, corporate, or public, enhances the overall experience by amplifying the atmosphere. She firmly believes in and seeks to attain in her approach to creative design. 

Dilushi never imagined that she would grow up to be the mesmerizing, steadfast woman that she is today. She liked designing and creating something new and different all the time, and as a young adolescent was always engaging in sketching competitions. Her parents, keen to recognize her interests and passions, encouraged her to pursue architecture to a higher degree, leading to her being an Architect and later an Interior Designer. Architecture is a 7-year hard course of study; becoming an Architect, especially as a woman, requires a great deal of commitment and determination. Dilushi didn’t want to stop there; she wanted to create and bring her imagination to reality.

Her dream job did not become a reality without putting in a lot of effort. She spent many years working for interior design firms and goes onto emphasize that gaining as much work experience as possible was a top priority for her since she wanted to learn more about the industry and prepare herself as much as possible before beginning her professional career as an Interior Designer. Dilushi’s life motto, “failing to prepare is preparing to fail,” proved to be very true. She was interested in the diverse working environments in different design studios, the operations and structure of firms, the type of work that designers do, and of course, the business culture. All this insight helped Dilushi determine what kind of working environment she’d feel most suited to – they are factors that aren’t taught at a university, but are essential for feeling prepared for the industry. She is grateful to all of the firms that have allowed her to obtain this valuable experience.

She goes on to say that her parents were an enormous source of strength for her, but she also wants to thank her two pillars of support, who have stood by her side throughout her career and the challenges that came with it; her husband, Chinthaka Dayaratne, who is also a Chartered Architect, and her brother, Chamara Mendis, who is her Business Partner. They have surely contributed to her strength and success, and she claims that she owes them everything. 

At DM Interior Studios, Dilushi employs a youthful and vibrant staff that work tirelessly to ensure that the mood of the space exceeds the client’s expectations. It is also important that the space results in increased productivity and emotional well-being for the people who utilize it. 

A pleasant ambiance is always appreciated, whether at home, at work, or in a restaurant. If one owns a commercial facility, such as an office, a restaurant, or a retail shop, they’ll want to boost employee productivity and improve the overall experience of their external stakeholders. She explains that while some designers, regrettably, go too far with their own expression for the space, at DM Interior Studio, the major goal is to carefully offer to the clientele a result following their needs, suited to the audience that they serve regularly. Designs must be functional from the start, when design aspects limit a property’s usefulness or do not complement the goal for which it was designed, the purpose is diluted and lost as a result. 

Fortunately, Dilushi’s architectural expertise keeps her creativity grounded in the paradigm of functionality and design. On the question of how she decides which projects suit her, she points out that while they started a few years ago, DM Interior Studio was providential to work with well-known companies such as ODEL, Softlogic, Raja Jewellers, Capital Alliance, HNB Bank, to name a few. As a result, the caliber of projects they work on is extremely diverse, ranging from Commercial, Residential, Hospitality, Industrial to Recreational.

Dilushi and her anomalous team recognize that every client is eccentric and has specific requirements and tastes when it comes to developing their interior spaces. This is why DM Interior Studios assist in a wide range of projects and welcomes those that demand a touch of sophistication, quality, and refinement. She continues that, with such a youthful, energetic, and flexible team whom she takes delight in working with, she can certainly claim that this is the fundamental reason for their success. Every Interior Designer has perceptible attributes that discern their style. Dilushi, a proficient designer, understands that design and architecture are intertwined, that quality is a holistic experience, and she is committed to providing outstanding service and support. These philosophies are some of the cornerstones of the company’s success. 

Dilushi feels that women are born with an innate sense of detail, which she believes is a significant asset to her design style. She pays close attention to her client’s needs, expectations, and investment size. Her urge to create something new and distinct continues to inspire her. She and her team conduct extensive research and group discussions to make the best decisions and design solutions for each requirement. As a result, they consistently go above their clients’ expectations while staying within their budget. This can be difficult because both quality and modern designs have a price tag, but her team has been fortunate in striking a balance and working effectively with their clients. To Dilushi and her team, the client’s contentment is their primary priority. Seeing them happy with their designs is extremely satisfying, motivating, and fueling her to reach higher levels in her job. 

In any given sector, it is accustomed to experience obstacles. According to Dilushi, the most arduous challenge is working with various team players in the industry. She believes that demonstrating excellent leadership skills is always the key to blending with people from various fields to get the job done, resulting in exceeding the client’s expectations. Being a woman in the field has presented unique challenges, but she is grateful for the unwavering support she has received from her family. She goes on to say that she believes in constantly being up to date, no matter what. Both locally and internationally, the market is flooded with new items and simpler solutions. “The moment you know your pitch and you are up to date with all the nitty-gritty factors, your clients are confident about relying on you, and the team you handle who look up to you are determined to learn every day. You have to always be on the shopping isle for the unusual to stay ahead in the industry”, she said. 

She goes onto express that the team she works with is prompted by enthusiasm and ambition; their potential is limitless. She appreciated her team’s abilities and dedication during the last few years, particularly in the face of such a difficult scenario as the pandemic. She believes they will grow and progress as a team, reaching new heights in Colombo and throughout Sri Lanka; as the country is booming with the growth of new commercial buildings and development in the local market and economy. 

The team at DM Interior Studios is composed of the top architectural talents in Sri Lanka, giving them an advantage in terms of having a comprehensive understanding of how to combine creativity and sophistication to develop some of the best solutions and design outcomes. She goes on to say that working with a full-fledged team gives their clients more confidence in their ability to trust them. As a result, they may ensure that the client does not have to modify the interior in the future, either partially or fully.

When asked for an example of a project error she made and how she handled it, Dilushi says that there are no mistakes in architecture or design, everything is a part of the learning process, and every problem has a solution. It all comes down to how innovative a designer is, as well as how appropriate and versatile their design features are. To be acknowledged and well-known in the industry, one must be committed to succeeding in every project. Offering pre-made or easily available solutions can only get you so far. As a professional, it is necessary to strengthen one’s creative sense. “Just as a surgeon needs a steady hand to be successful in his or her field, a designer needs to always be up to date, with an open, creative mind. Unique, individual, and inspirational designs can shine in this competitive industry”, she stated. 

Dilushi continues to add value to interior design by combining quality, refinement, creativity, and personal traits to create distinctive environments that her clients and occupants adore. To sum up, she believes that success is the result of hard effort, dedication, and overall passion for what one is seeking.