If you’re deep in the process of planning a new kitchen, or just getting started, you’ve probably stumbled across the term “modular kitchen.” For context it is simply a modern and flexible way to design your kitchen, enabling you to select the cabinet layouts and types to meet your storage needs in the kitchen without having to settle for run-of-the-mill cabinets that don’t fulfill the purposes you require in your kitchen.

On that note, Kitchen & Bedroom; a luxury designer, not only creates masterpieces concerning the Kitchen but also trendy and fashionable bedroom setups suited for modern-day living, transforming pantry cupboards to kitchen cabinets that are of European standards and designs. Pertaining a unique passion for designing modern-day Kitchens with pantry cupboards and worktops designed specially to suit clienteles’ liking and needs the designer process is done by scratch with minimal time consumption and installed by skilled workmen for perfection.

You will ideally find that Kitchen & Bedroom Sri Lanka is the consummate stop for owning the most luxurious interior to the comforts of homes. “A place where dreams are made a reality”, the team of qualified professionals at Kitchen & Bedroom provide amicable and world-class mastery in interior designing pioneering in building exquisite interior for Kitchens and Bedrooms. This leading and innovative interior designing studio is conveniently based in the heart of the City of Colombo. Specializing in the contemporary and modern kitchen and bedroom spaces, the brand recently honored their two-year mark in the industry consisting of over 1000 clienteles pioneering their march towards the future. Consisting of expert kitchen designers working in direct contact with customers, Kitchen & Bedroom goes beyond designing, consulting in optimizing performance and minimizing manufacturing costs. The brand’s regarded reputation for high-quality service including after-sales and promptly delivering projects in only 21 working days is well reflected upon admiration.

It is known that there will always be a market of people who want something that isn’t seen everywhere, and that isn’t available to everyone. People in the high-end, bespoke marketplace will look further for novel and minimalist setups as it is an emerging décor theme in today’s time. Kitchen & Bedroom is a collection of refined artistry of German and Italian heritage captured by the keen eyes of diligent interior designers, dedicating & engaging in each project to deliver the finest products available in the market today. The interior designers at Kitchen & Bedroom provide free visiting, advice, and guidance including complimentary 2D and 3D designing.

Over time, trends are recycled and renewed for the era they’re in. This time around, the rising wave of aesthetics stands between minimalism and maximalism. That being said, at Kitchen & Bedroom, optimum quality and durability in each product are guaranteed by working in close connection with world-renowned brands such as Helfer, Staron, and Blum. These brands play a major role in the ultimate product and customer satisfaction since they are manufactured rendering world-class standards. All products are manufactured by trusted German Technology and European Standards to provide customers great satisfaction in owning a hassle-free Kitchen & Bedroom setup for their everyday life. Furthermore, the furnishing of closets and cupboards is done with the use of high-quality pre-finished compressive wood and aluminum specially imported from Turkey for the durability and sophisticated appearance of the finished product.

The exceptional designers create workspaces that include space planning, CAD drawings, 3D Drawings, flooring & floor colors, ceiling, lighting, wall colors, Kitchen wall tiles, cabinets, walking closet, beds, countertop, powder room, dressing units, and electrical layout for all the kitchen appliances and clients are guaranteed to find all kitchen accessories made from the finest quality materials carrying 5 years of warranty.

Following a unique total kitchen solution offers great quality and reliability. Understanding this method, the designers at Kitchen & Bedroom thoroughly study the various flows and work areas that need to be integrated throughout the entire project. Regardless of the client’s design or style, defining a module to optimize performance and maximize manufacturing costs of the various pieces is quite important as this way the measurements of all the components of a kitchen are set before defining the space that will house them.

From designing to installing the spaces, the exceptional designers and kitchen makers at Kitchen & Bedroom seamlessly guide clients through the design process, crafting the finest kitchens. Using the best of materials and following cabinet-making methods is the ideal way to go to manufacturing a quality kitchen. The standard carcass at Kitchen & Bedroom is made from Teak, Mahogany, or artificial wood. Every cabinet is an in-frame design and is carefully handmade using traditional methods, made from High gloss HD boards or solid wood, both kinds of wood are responsibly sourced and are used together to create beautiful kitchen furniture that will last a lifetime. The dedicated team ensures to use of the best quality accessories and soft closing drawer runners that make the opening and closing of doors and drawers effortless.

Aside from aesthetic setups, glass splashbacks are rapidly making a statement in modern kitchens today adding color, pattern, and texture to the kitchen wall. As they come in various designs, shapes, and looks they fit in any home regardless of the décor. It is in greatest demand today considering how easy it is to maintain and modern, adding a stunning feature. At the luxury of Kitchen & Bedroom, you will find an exciting range of painted glass splashbacks with vibrant colors and designs made from high-quality low-iron toughened glass that is distinctly impacted and heat resistant. Kitchen and Bedroom also consist of a printed collection of glass splashbacks, allowing the option to combine different splashbacks into the whole design scheme, combining colored and mirrored splashbacks to transform a whole wall. Kitchen & Bedroom provide custom-cut bathroom splashbacks that are made to measure, whether you’re looking to install a splashback behind a sink, around a bath, or for your shower enclosure, it is evident that splashbacks at Kitchen & Bedroom create a stylish personal space – be it in the kitchen, laundry or bathroom; transforming one’s mundane space into a work of art, with a personal touch.

A stylish and elegant bedroom is the best way to ensure your precious hours of shut-eye are as blissful and dreamlike as can be. It’s so important to make your sleeping space feel luxurious so that you can be sure to fall into a peaceful slumber from the moment your head hits the pillow – and reap the health benefits of doing so. A sophisticated bedroom looks elegant, refined, and appealing. Careful planning through the proper blending of traditional and modern styles can help produce suave results. Kitchen & Bedroom consist of a large range of amorous bedroom designs, instilling a mellow atmosphere and reflecting a sense of tranquility and peace.

It is known that an efficient storage plan can alleviate a lot of stress from our day-to-day life. Not having to look for our socks every morning is a luxury that only a few experiences; if closets are not organized properly. That’s what makes storage such an important yet underrated part of any home. It streamlines your life and gets rid of any unnecessary energy leaks. Chances are, your storage space is insufficient for your needs and needs to be organized properly. A great closet is something many people vie for and will go to great lengths to get if you love to primp and take your sweet time when it comes to styling yourself. A walk-in closet can provide the perfect place for your private retreat, understanding that luxurious dressing rooms have now become the new norm of a designer showcase, the closet designs at Kitchen & Bedroom carry its attributes, blending the features of the space with an elegant yet vibrant appeal. There is a big world out there and you feel as if spending time tackling all the things you want to do is much easier when you have an organization set in place in your home. Kitchen & Bedroom closets are the perfect solution to keeping it luxurious at home, so you can live extravagantly out in the world.

To conclude, Kitchen & Bedroom, continue to create contemporary and luxurious interiors significantly known for a no-frills signature of urban clarity and welcoming calm elegance. Considering its well-founded expertise and amount of creativity, the brand aim at winning clients with top-quality innovative solutions and setting new standards time and again.