Union Assurance debuted “Clicklife” in the year 2020, prompted by the global COVID-19 pandemic, with over 100,000 downloads to date. The app is a first-of-its-kind self-service software that provides end-to-end digital insurance solutions for both agents and clients. The Clicklife mobile app meets the growing demand for mobility and remote access to policyholders by allowing consumers to manage and be updated in real-time on their policies, as well as providing agents new means of communicating with stakeholders and engaging with clients. Clicklife offers a seamless and expedient user journey at a competitive price of 23/- a day. The advantage of the Clicklife app is that it enables clients to connect to Union Assurance in any place, at any time, while swiftly managing policies, claims, and premium payments, and making certain of a full and profitable journey through each stage. The software displays instantaneous updates on policy information such as dues, balances, and claim status. It also sanctions users to submit digital insurance loan applications, which traditionally took time and needed cumbersome paperwork.

Users are liable to procure protection in just a few clicks, owing to the shortened processes and user-friendly digital environment. The app also includes a health tracker that provides regular health suggestions as well as rewards for clients in the form of vouchers and discount coupons that can be redeemed instantaneously across an expanding partner network. Further, it includes a loyalty program, a customizable dashboard for real-time policy overviews, and instant access to online agents 24/7. By equating insurance with gratifying healthy lifestyles, Clicklife assists to transpose the unfavorable view of insurance in the long run.

Revolution, versatility, and pliability are at the center of the company’s digital transformation as consequences of COVID-19 are to persevere in the foreseeable future. The aptness to acquire life insurance in the absence of any paperwork, physical interventions, or medical reports is a radical notion in Sri Lanka. With the launch of Clicklife, Union Assurance renders a revolution in insurance that aligns with globally expanding norms and giving customers control over their protection needs.

The app rummages legacy systems, forming transactions to be 100%  transparent, accrediting customers to have 100% control of their portfolio. The company works strenuously to modify the digital landscape of life insurance in Sri Lanka by facilitating the purchasing protection process.

While consumers consider claims and follow-ups to be time-consuming and labor-intensive processes, the app focuses on ways for the organization to satisfy customer demands while removing obstructions, paperwork, and antiquated systems. Union Assurance has established a seamless user experience with this digital transformation, eliminating delays and providing consumers with real-time updates, meeting the tough demand of today’s fast-shifting consumer circumstances and present phenomenon.