The day we stop living up to our values, we will be just another Logistics Company

Expolanka Holdings is a global diversified conglomerate rooted in Sri Lanka which specialises in Logistics, Leisure and Investments. This esteemed organisation is known for challenging the status quo with a global vision and strategic growth plans placing the group at the forefront of driving innovation, growth and change in every aspect of business. 

The well-established conglomerate is spearheaded by Group CEO – Expolanka Holdings PLC, Hanif Yusoof and as the Founder & President of EFL, he has been the cornerstone in building and expanding the Freight and Logistics sector of the company. His enterprising nature has led him to be well admired within as well as out of the organisation and was the recipient of the ‘Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Special Achievement Award’ by Enterprise Asia in 2013. Being awarded for ‘Global Commerce Excellence” in light of contributions to the Sri Lankan economy by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka in 2012, he also received “The Outstanding Young Persons – TOYP Award” in 1998.  

This overachiever carried Expolanka beyond the shores of Sri Lanka and landed many awards and admiration while creating strategic partnerships with global airfreight and ocean freight carriers. 

Sri Lanka, a country well known for tea, rubber, spices, cricket etc, was not branded for Logistics. However, Hanif Yusoof has enlisted the company into the global arena, and holds the position of being the only Logistics Company that won the National Export Awards on countless occasions.

With its global headquarters based in Sri Lanka, EFL is the twenty-sixth (26th) largest air freight forwarder and the forty-fourth (44th) largest ocean freight forwarder in the world, and their eminence significantly places Sri Lanka on the global map. Situated in 24 countries and in 60+ locations, EFL has 2200+ staff who are the heart and soul of their success. 

Managing Director – EFL, Saif Yusoof, who found his passion in Travel, Logistics and Disruptive Technology conceived modern day EFL and within a short period of time nurtured it into a Logistics giant and yet continues to drive the leadership to venture the company into new horizons. Furthermore this renowned personality in the Logistics and Business community of Sri Lanka is the brainchild of ITX 360, a subsidiary of Expolanka, providing support for Consultancy, Managed IT services and Software Development, Supply chain technology, Oracle and IT Infrastructure. The partnership with ITX 360 makes EFL the only Logistics conglomerate that has a dedicated IT company in lieu of a department, providing research and development in terms of technology and innovation and digitising and transforming the supply chain. With their number of accolades, ITX 360 has also procured the National ICT Awards in 2019 as they reinforced their position as an emerging trailblazer in IT solutions. 

Besides providing world class Logistics, the majority of EFL employees are also very good sportsmen. Saif has created an environment in which sportsmanship is merged into the culture of EFL. The team spirit of sportsmen are reflected in their day to day activities, emerging champions on the field as well as off the field. Blending sports with work, EFL is the only logistics company to own and manage a football club who subsequently went on to become the League champions. Additionally EFL were victors in the Mercantile Cricket Tournament and has sponsored Havelock Sports Club, propelling them to become the Clifford Cup champions, and league runners up, moreover they have been long standing sponsors of the Mercantile Volleyball Association as well. In addition to their multiple accomplishments, EFL not only partnered with football but with rugby as well; under the initiatives of Saif, EFL sponsored the women’s rugby national team, empowering women in Sri Lanka to bring sports into the boardroom.

This great company is also known for their deep rooted values in the organisation and across all the clusters in the group, and taking the EFL 3PL cluster into consideration, they are the forerunner in terms of supply chain and 3PL in Sri Lanka. EFL 3PL is a millennial at heart. 

With Multiple accolades the high flyers live on the example of three youthful individuals of the Co-Executive Committee:

Sammy Akbar, the Chief Executive Officer – Logistics Sector, is a born leader with eighteen years of vivid expertise in management, and strong leadership skills as he heads EFL 3PL and the Global Freeport bringing balance to the present and the future of the organisation. The skilled negotiator and reputed leaders’ global experience along with his passion for travel inspires him to implement new ideas in the company in line with global best practices. In addition to his corporate leadership, the double coloursman represented Sri Lanka in the national badminton team as well as the national rugby team.

Nishan Hewagamage, the Chief Operating Officer – EFL 3PL and Global Freeport, holds over two decades of experience in 3PL and management. Merging operations with strategy and managing multiple operations and giving leadership to the operational team, he makes sure the customers’ requirements are taken care of on a day to day basis. He drives diverse operations across the company and is known for his calm and composed self even amidst challenges. Being thorough with processes and systems and a creative thinker he plays a pivotal role in coming up with creative solutions to solve problems which is second nature for the great leader.

Leroy Ebert, the Chief Growth Officer – EFL 3PL and, also holds over two decades of experience and an in-depth understanding of industries such as IT, Pharmaceuticals, Apparel and of course 3PL solutions. Being responsible for ensuring the company’s future strategy he challenges the teams to disrupt their common practices. Furthermore business development, technology innovation and strategic aspects are guided by him. Being avid for Logistics Tech, the virtuoso drives the digitisation across the organisation, adding value to the business.

While infusing the new era of technology in order to make services of excellence, each service they offer such as Distribution Centre Management, Transportation, Freeport Services, Clearance and Brokering, Value Added Services, Bonded Warehousing and E-Commerce are ahead of the curve in the industry.

The incontrovertible reason for their success is due the exertion of core values (Intimate, Flexible, Creative, Conscious and being Future ready) in the organisation which has been coined by the founder himself. .

On the brand Value of being Intimate, EFL believes in developing close relationships with customers. In addition to acquiring a diverse portfolio of clients from Fashion, FMCG, Manufacturing, Technology and other industries, EFL has also managed to attract global brands and maintain and grow with them. Customers have retained and trusted EFL over countless years with their outsourced Logistic operations. In terms of Technical Intimacy, EFL has infused technology into the business as they strive to know their clients as well as they know themselves. This involves understanding the customers’ supply chain and providing tailored solutions using the latest technology, hence offering them the finest high quality service in less lead time. The KPI dashboards allow them to remotely monitor WIP in real time, facilitating timely and proactive decision making to their customers and clients.

Flexibility has always been a strong focus of EFL and is represented as a Brand Value. Producing incremental value by accommodating varied customer expectations, with speedy responses, a flexible mindset and pushing boundaries by making small adjustments is a main focus. Moreover EFL is prepared for the overflow of goods in their warehouse as they have multiple sites, strategically located, Freeport, bonded – BOI customs, palletised operations and dedicated hubs. The expansive company has additionally invested in cold chambers to serve the niche markets of clients with cool room requirements as well as managing the clients’ goods in their warehouses. Into the bargain of their vast yet smart storage, EFL offers the largest transport fleet in Sri Lanka with 2000 vehicles being monitored and managed 24×7 within the facility.

In regards to their Value of being Creative, EFL has developed an employee-friendly workplace, stimulating creativity and innovation and has achieved the ‘Outstanding Performance Award’ for the transformative RPA project at the Global Innovation Competition organised by parent company SG Holdings. EFL is the first 3PL provider to offer e-Commerce solutions together with last mile delivery to their clients, and the first commercial Freeport in Sri Lanka, aimed at reaching the goal of establishing Sri Lanka as a Logistic hub. Moreover to their rain of achievements, EFL is the first company to implement robotic process automation and is the only LEED Gold Certified Logistics company, who utilise motion activated air conditioning and LED lighting along with maximum utilisation of natural lighting.

Along with the numerous accolades of the star company, EFL 3PL has not failed to fulfill their corporate social responsibilities, giving benefit to both human beings and the environment. The Value of being Conscious has led the team to become more socially conscious and responsible. EFL commenced the Man-Power foundation concept and the relief packages for Logistics associates during the lockdown. Furthermore they facilitate green Logistics through solar powered facilities, and have embarked on a five year reforestation project at the Bundala National Park.  The Paperless environment and nurturing of 225+ fully grown trees across their facilities is a testament to their commitment towards sustainability. Accompanied with creating a difference, EFL has the ethical belief to initially support their employees prior to their corporate social responsibilities.

While responding to the needs of the customers and organisations, EFL anticipates future trends and develop ideas, products, processes, tools to service future demands expeditiously; EFL possesses intense technology by partnering with the world’s best magic quadrant for warehouse management systems known as ‘High Jump’ (100% cloud based, state of the art WMS), thermal and face detection cameras and live dashboards, real-time KPI tracking through mobile apps, real-time visibility through TMS and e-commerce platform to cater last mile deliveries. Moreover EFL 3PL is the only company to own and manage a fully functioning market place ‘’. EFL has become a role model for how corporates could manage their operations safely during a crisis, as their methodical approach to problem-solving goes beyond mere compliance and distinguishes them during the pandemic. Reinforcing the compliance of its state-of-the-art Logistics operation, EFL 3PL operation became the first Logistics Company in Sri Lanka to be awarded the SLS 1672:2020 COVID-19 Safety Management Systems Certification from the Sri Lanka Standard Institution (SLSI) for all its fulfillment centers and the Global Freeport. Hence the company has undoubtedly proven their Value of being Future ready! 

Unequivocally EFL has surpassed excellence in their industry and is the most compliant 3PL in the country and is the best in class for quality, security, safety as well as environmental friendly.

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